Freesia at Last

Happy Cat Rhea!

Connie identified the questionable annual flowers as Freesia, which seems to be correct.  I even kinda remember the name, plus it looked like it on Google.  And I looked it up and is not toxic to cats, which makes me feel better.

I’m not sure what it is that makes Connie unable to grow it, but I’d bet that the extra sun here and relative lack of water might be hard to duplicate out on the East Coast.  The soil isn’t that great where it is, but it drains very well.  Maybe putting a bunch of sand in the pot and keeping it dryer might help.  Out here, though, it tends to die out by high summer.  Also, it annoys me somewhat because it lies flat on the ground like someone stepped on it all the time.

Goofie Face

For some reason Davout has been standing up a lot today, looking cute with his little pantaloons.

Yet another smoldering closeup of General Grant.

Sherman biting the couch mice.


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3 Responses to Freesia at Last

  1. Connie says:

    Well, I am in Maine, which has one of the shortest growing seasons ever.. I was able to get one bulb to sprout up one branch of flowers once.. indoors, in a pot, in a huge picture window.. it was at that point I gave up.


  2. awesum fotoz two day guyz { sherman we iz crackin up ….get em buddy !! } ♥♥☺


  3. Rhea is almost as good a Fizgig as Calla was. She went completely earless for it too! Love all the kitties and the wonderful pictures!!


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