Big Bro

Grant was hanging out a step below Davout on the tree earlier, then he invited himself up to sit with Davout.  Davout even gave him a long ear washing which was seriously cute and one he enjoyed very much.

Grant has a habit of liking to bump sideways into Rhea and Davout either with his shoulder or the hip.  It is all friendly, but neither of them are quite comfortable with it.  Davout dodges it, Rhea often gives him a buffet on the head for the same,

Grant has the most melting expressions at times.


It has become almost a habit for Sherman to aggressively follow me up at the end of the night to watch as I visit Anna.  Increasingly she has been calmer when he is watching her, or coming in the room.  Davout is interested in her too, but he is more unnerved by her hissing in reaction, while Sherman is almost indifferent.  He doesn’t challenge per se, but it doesn’t fluster him either.

So yesterday he was outside the gate, and I brought her to the top of the sofa and she watched fairly calmly.  Even when all the others were gathered around, even Rhea, she was only a little bit upset and finally retired to her safe perch.  Then Sherman wriggled his way in and came up close and sampled her food bowl.  She didn’t really mind that much about that, she never has.


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One Response to Big Bro

  1. grant…we bet ya like ta cauz a wee bit oh miss chief tho two…huh !! N anna…just dont let em eat all yur foodz ~♥♥


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