Sharing Time

Davout is so good about letting everyone else go first eating the normal food that I like to give him an occasional special treat.   He even shares that with Rhea.

Himmies look so pretty from above.

Grant playing with a feather toy.

This morning both Grant and Sherman came inside Anna’s room at breakfast time.  She was right down with them on the floor but she didn’t hiss at them, she gave a little chirp instead.

Any progress is nice to see from my point of view.

Here’s the little peacemaker!

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1 Response to Sharing Time

  1. Delaney says:

    I am so glad to hear that Grant and Sherman are making good progress with Anna. It makes sense that a quieter and less threatening approach, especially with younger cats, would work better than Rhea’s bossy pushiness. Hopefully they’ll all eventually settle in their relationships.

    Also, Davout is a lovely gentleman!


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