Across Thirty Years

This is a sad time of year for me, as it marks the passing of two cats that together cover 32 years of time…from my undergraduate college years to the arrival of Rhea and Davout.

The two of them were linked in a lot of ways…they are my most long-lived cats to date, overlapping for about 5 years from 1997 to 2002.  Cassie, the tortie, lived for 20 years, and Gus of course make it for 17 years.  Cassie died on an April 15,  Gus died overnight on April 16.  Both were passed away at the vets without having to be put down when they stopped eating.  They just didn’t want to be any trouble.

Cassie spent most of her life with another cat, a female tabby (with white) that she liked to posture with and fight from time to time.  Gus spent most of his life with a male tabby, Julius, who sadly only outlived him by a few months.

Cassie didn’t mind Gus, but they weren’t very close since their ages were so widely different and for a good part of their shared time she had health issues and began to spend more time on her own.  Outside of some kittenish mis-steps, Gus treated her well and tried to give new cats a chance himself.

In those years  I didn’t take a lot of pictures, even when I got a digital camera and film costs weren’t an issue.  Starting the blog was primarly a way to get me to take more pictures of the cats.  This is from 2009, I think it is.

This is Julie, on his first day or so here in fall of 2002.  I don’t think Gus even hissed at the little fellow, but circled wide and sat down in the basket to watch him play.

And finally this is from his last months, just a few weeks after Rhea and Davout were adopted and when they were exploring a new and scary house.  Gus again was careful and welcoming and made the kittens welcome.  Rhea struck my fancy because she echoed Cassie’s color without being a carbon copy.

And the kittens learned, and acted the same way with Anna and Harrison and now Grant and Sherman.   Each pair of cats share a single plate like Cassie and Gus used to.  The laws of the household that Cassie set up live on unto the third generation.

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7 Responses to Across Thirty Years

  1. weggieboy says:

    One never forgets those tragic last days, I fear. August 1st is an anniversary that was the last day of Louie the ginger cat. I think of him daily, even though my current kitty boys, Andy and Dougy beat the 22 months Louie was the joy of my life by nearly four years more.

    Like you, new kittens, Andy and Dougy and a blog, were the motivation to take more photos than I have of Louie. Sadly, I have only one photo of my first kitty, Freckles the grey tabby kitten. At least it is a photo of her with me.

    All that said, I’ve followed you blog long enough to mourn with you the passing of three of your cats (or four), and the joy of all those that followed. I should note that Harrison’s passing touched me the most because of the love you had for him, the care you gave him to make his last days happy ones. Your other cats had that from day one, as far as I know, one major reason I especially like following this blog. You stand tall in my eyes., and have my hugs and thoughts on this sad day.

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  2. I lost my pomerpoo Josie on the tenth anniversary of his joining our family. Like Gus and Cassie, he slipped away quietly, trying not to be of any trouble to us. It broke my heart, however. To this day, I haven’t had another dog.

    Cats seem to demand that I have at least one in my life, however. My current cat Sunny sat on my doorstep and refused to leave. That was three years ago, and I am glad she chose me. Still, I have a hard time looking at old pictures of past cats and dog. It’s remarkable, the impact they have on our hearts and lives.

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  3. angela1313 says:

    Another reason April is the cruelest month. You never stop missing them. I only lost my Tony a year ago on April first but I know I’ll miss him 30 years from now. They were beautiful cats, thank you for sharing more of them.


  4. guys; we send big hugs to your dad; we understand. ♥♥♥ thanx for sharing these photos today; they leave marks on our hearts that will never be erased ~~~~~~~~

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  5. 15andmeowing says:

    Cassie and Gus were beautiful kitties. We never forget those we love.


  6. I wish I’d known Cassie. Gus I knew (through your blog of course) and loved. It’s so hard to lose those special ones. And really, all of them are special! I’m glad you share them with all of us.


  7. Lavinia Ross says:

    One never stops loving them, or missing them, our old kitties. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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