Date with Anna

Rhea was napping downstairs so I took the camera up to see Anna.  Sherman was elsewhere but Davout came right up with me.

Anna took some pets in her safe spot, then she noticed Davout in the open doorway and decided to hide in a favorite nook.  But when she saw it was Davout she stopped and lay down and just watched him.

Sherman had arrived but didn’t want to risk a bite from Davout by going by him towards Anna’s room.

Rhea had come upstairs so Davout turned about to watch her, and Anna went to the high ground.  She was watchful, but not too angry.  Rhea more or less stayed put watching, and only slowly creeping forward.

Sherman eventually got into the room and poked around.

Rhea came forward to the doorway and stopped.  She has been pretty well behaved lately, not pressing the issue strongly.  This makes Anna a bit less agitated while I am in there with her, which is nice.

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