Guys and Dolls

Anna had a little “encouraged” meeting with Grant, which only lasted a little time before she became to agitated to face him and so retired to the sofa seat.  That’s at least better than the window seat, and she didn’t hiss at him.

This time Rhea was second on the scene, and she finally tried a bit of a charge to find Anna but I caught her and generated a little hissing on all sides.

It has been interesting how uniform the reaction of the male cats have been to Anna and her issues.  There have been four so far, with actually quite diverse personalities.  Davout is quite fearful in many ways, Harrison and now Sherman seem to fear nothing, Grant seems of only be wary of me.  Yet all of them are driven to come and follow me into Anna’s room whenever it is open and do the same thing.  They need get as close as they can and face her, no matter if she spits at them or not.

But none of them has tried to fight her or drive her off at all..  Davout is so anxious about her hissing that he tends to avoid going into her sight, and even will bite and hold back all the others from going in to her room and riling her up.  He’s willing to have a physical fight with the other cats for this, but he’s not willing to avoid her and her room in the first place.

Rhea’s attitude is at least understandable.  Anna is crazy.  When she was out and about, she would at a minimum upset Davout if he cut her off from her room with her posturing.  But this has never been her motivation for chasing Anna – she’s usually doing this when nobody’s around but her.

In fact, the presence of more boys, even small tiny kitten ones, has reduced Rhea’s need to investigate Anna’s room and/or drive her off if found.  Lately she has been very late to the party, content to hang back at the end of the hall and watch the boys hover at the fringes of Anna’s bubble of hostility.

I at least understand Rhea.  Anna is needlessly angry and hostile to well meaning cats without any reasonable provocation.  Sometimes there isn’t even another cat present.  A cat that might have some helpless kittens to defend reasonably would want to encourage this cat to clear out of the area.

What is harder to understand is the boys’ need to non-confrontational confront Anna at almost every opportunity.  They don’t want to drive her off, Davout even is anxious about going there, but he still does.  Grant is the most cat-loving cat here, pushing himself on Rhea and Davout, but he’s the last in line here.  Sherman is the most driven to enter Anna’s space, and he isn’t upset by her antics like Davout is, but otherwise likes to sleep in dark corners away from all the action in the room.

So what are the boys trying to do?  It has to be well-intentioned and important in their eyes, but I’m haven’t been able to decide just what they thing will happen.


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7 Responses to Guys and Dolls

  1. weggieboy says:

    Whew! Reminds me of my office before I retired! I hope I was the “Grant kitty” of my office, but I suspect I was more like the “Anna kitty”, pleased to stew by myself in my little corner. LOL! This was a very interesting post today. I’m pleased to know Rhea’s job is easier now that the kitty boys joined the TCY! I mean, who doesn’t respond well to kittens?


  2. Anne Daigle says:

    Be grateful that no one is spraying inappropriately with all the drama.


  3. Mary McNeil says:

    What is Anna’s history ? I have a cat with the equivalent of PTSD – she was trapped up a tree in a snowstorm for 3 days before she was rescued and I became her caretaker. She is wary of the other cats, but still gets out and mingles. Loves to come after I’m asleep and snuggle with me. The others tend to give her a wide berth.


    • Oldcat says:

      Anna was a coddled cat, though declawed. When her parents had a child, the kid abused her and then she was abandoned, eventually landing in a shelter in an indoor/outdoor enclosure with about two dozen other cats. She had marked out a spot about two foot on a side by a flower that she seemed to keep in at all times. It took me quite some time to reduce her hostility to people – she would smack and bite at any hand raised above her head level, for instance. She is much better now with people, but she has not relaxed much with cats.


  4. Delaney says:

    This is a late reply, sorry, but given Anna’s history of abuse and then being overcrowded without means of defense, I don’t understand why it’s hard to understand her fear and distrust, especially with Rhea’s aggressive and pushy antics. I know Anna doesn’t have anything to fear in your home, indeed quite the opposite, but I can’t blame her for not fully understanding or trusting it.


    • Oldcat says:

      Rhea is pushy because Anna spent months hissing at her and Davout when they were small and they were just looking at her from afar. I understand Anna’s history, but she as acts that way to every cat, even small kittens. I can ‘blame’ her for choosing perhaps the least effective strategy…All fear or all aggression would work better in getting the others to steer clear. But I don’t punish her or Rhea for their acts since I see the reasons for both.


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