Late Night Visit

Had a bit of an interesting time during last night’s late visit with Anna.  My Anna patrol buddy Sherman was right there and jumped up onto the sofa while Anna stayed on the shelf.

This time, uncommonly, Rhea came up fairly early and came into the room.  She started trying to determine if the cat on the sofa was Anna or not.  She peered up, peeked at the tail, stood up like a meercat for a while.  I was wondering if she would swarm up and beat him up by mistake, but she did not.  She did jump up and see who it was, but then went down to the food bowl.

Look at the little tongue tip!

When Rhea went down the sofa to the food bowl she was just a few feet from Anna, just below and to the side.  But rather than glare, Rhea snuck some food from the bowl, which Anna never seems to mind at all.

I figured I’d try and take advantage of this different reaction from Rhea.

I took Anna’s food bag of dry and put some down by the room’s doorway.  Rhea went back for some, the boys came in from the hall  and down from the sofa for a snack.

It was kinda close quarters there with four cats in a small space.

Oddly, it was Davout that got frustrated with Grant trying to dig food from under his chin or tummy and gave him a big hiss and swat once.  But after the correction things were back to normal and I gave them a few small handfuls.

In fact, I was even a bit worried that Davout might be a bit hungry because he’s so polite at regular mealtime and made sure his regular food bowl had some food.  I think I have the food supply about right, but it is hard to be sure.  The little ones are not quite as voracious as earlier, but they are bigger.  So I’m not sure I’m always dialed into the proper level.

So all in all, it was encouraging to see Rhea show less drive to harass than usual and enjoy Anna’s room for something besides stalking.

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  1. anna ♥♥♥ rhea ♥♥♥ anna…..hope full lee …total lee….one day !


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