Big Delivery

There was a big package on the front patio, so the kitties got an outside visit while it got brought in.

Grant loves to do ground wrigging before me at dinner time, and apparently on the concrete outside too.

I think a bird went by here.

Rhea viewing the neighborhood.


The delivery was an automatic litterbox, which is pretty big and is in an even larger box.  Rhea jumped down into the box after it was extracted.  Now the lens is making her seem a bit farther down than she really is.

She did stand up and grab at the camera strap.  She did misjump trying to get out once so I lifted her out then moved the box into the garage.

So far the cats have not used the new thing, but they do seem to be interested in it when it runs.

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1 Response to Big Delivery

  1. weggieboy says:

    They used the box at least. LOL!cI’ll be curious to find out if they use the auto-litter box. I like the idea of it, have seen videos of one fellow in Utah’s ginger tabbies love, love, loving it, but the cost is off-putting if one’s cats don’t use it, my fear.


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