Restful day for everyone.  I ran the box a time or so, took one of my portable book shelf crates down to make a step for them to keep an eye on the machine.  I also put a dish of dry food on the step to get them closer.  They have been using the food bowl at least.

There was a time when I heard the unit go off.  Looking in the tray I wasn’t sure if there was new stuff in there aside from the trial bits from earlier days.  But at least someone poked their head in there.

The Anna room visits continue.  The food by the door seems to keep Rhea from charging forward into the room.  This morning Davout was the leader, rather than the boys, but the boys went in farther.  Anna was fairly relaxed during it all.

Rhea flattening down to hide from the wand toy.

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5 Responses to Weekender

  1. Doug Thomas says:

    It seems Anna is sorting out her anxieties a bit better with the introduction of the kittens. The food by the door is a bit of brilliance on your part! Does it help Anna adjust to the possibility of a Rhea visit or does she still feel unhappy about it? You’ve had some really cute portraits of your kitties lately. I always enjoy them (knowing from my own experience how much effort getting even one good shot of my kitty boys it takes) all, but the ones lately are so suggestive of their personalities!


  2. Johnny says:

    They are so cute! New to your blog, but super happy to be a reader!


  3. Valentine says:

    Hi all! So good to meet you! Mew Mew!


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