Sherman on the March

The nearly twice daily visits of the other cats, mostly the boys, are getting interesting. Last night the boys were up, the Generals poking about while Davout sat casually in the doorway. Anna was relaxed so I brought her closer onto the back of the sofa to watch everyone.  I even kept her purring and making little soft noises.

She handled that well enough, sweeping her tail like a boa. Then Sherman’s head came poking up the back of the sofa right next to her peeking over the top.  Anna didn’t run off, but she did an interesting thing – she turned around and faced the other direction.

But that made her twitching tail too tempting and Sherman jumped up and caught the tip, making her spin around with a big hiss and swat.  She then went to her safe area, and calmed down quickly enough.

Not Yet Ready

Davout isn’t threatening to use the robot, but he was sitting closer to it watching it run.  I turned it on a time or two with him there and he did some close watching and ear wiggling but wasn’t really afraid.  The box is just off the screen to the right, about 3 feet away.

Rhea on the Rocker

Rhea kept her distance the entire time.  I appreciate any de-escalation she feels able to do.

Treetop Rhea

Then this morning Sherman plopped himself right up on the back of the sofa and snuggled into Anna’s bed-towel, watching her on her safe shelf and she wasn’t mad at all.


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4 Responses to Scamp

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    Sherman’s tail swipe was Anna’s lesson in cat motherhood–a mother cat has to be all milk and patience. Maybe Sherman’s scent on Anna’s towel will lead to good things.


  2. Mary McNeil says:

    Your idea that the kittens are a calming influence seems to be right on ! When she turned her back and kept swishing her tail, maybe she was “fishing” for a reaction.


    • Oldcat says:

      I think she was too shocked for that! but Anna being willing to turn away from Sherman in a move to reduce her tension showed some trust and desire not to drive him off with her body language that she can’t control.


  3. sherman…take it frum me…tuna….ya gotta watch gurlz sum timez….one minit they R all friend lee.. N de next…POW ~~~~ 🙂 ☺☺♥♥


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