Nose to Nose

This is a pic from this morning when I swapped out Anna’s sofa covering towel for a fresh one.  This is what Sherman burrows in when he jumps up on the top.  I tossed it out into the hall and in an instant Rhea was right in it too.

The night before Anna was a bit slow in retreating from the door as I came in, so she ended up nose to nose with Sherman about a foot away.  She retreated but didn’t hiss at him, and he didn’t follow up, but jumped up onto the sofa top like nothing had happened.

He’s a nice fellow.  He gets along with everyone, but never really seeks out attention from either the cats or me.  He isn’t rubbing up to Davout and Rhea and flopping by them like Sherman does.

A lot of the time he’s off on his own in a corner playing with a random toy, or napping out of sight in a dark spot.


He just has his things he likes to do when he wants to do them, and he asserts himself to do them in his amiable way.  With me he’s willing enough to be petted and scratched, and purrs when I do so, but he doesn’t seek it out.  But he has decided that when I get ready to go out in the morning he will come and rub against the back of my legs relentlessly until I’m done.


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One Response to Nose to Nose

  1. Johnny says:

    I still can’t get over how cute they are! ❤


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