Encounters Continue

Last night neither Rhea nor Sherman were the big stars in Anna’s room.  Instead it was Grant who, after Sherman was camped on the sofa back got up the courage to explore the whole room while Anna watched from her safe shelf.   He was doing that low to the ground walk a cat does when they are ultra cautious,

He only got hissed at when he was just below her and sat up tall to get his face right close to hers.  He was a bit afraid to move then so I got Anna to sit back so he could move out.

This morning Sherman went straight back to the sofa back and Anna actually jumped up onto the sofa seat on her own.  She again was not upset until she got right next to his head and he put his nose an inch or so away and got hissed at.  When she moved a bit back, he rolled over upside down and poked at her nose with a paw and she hissed again.

She then retreated to her safe zone and I got to play with him lying belly-up in the space between the pillow and the sofa back for a while.

He was in the garage today and I had to pull out a cat toy to lure him from wherever he was exploring.  It finally worked.

He’s a good little dude.


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1 Response to Encounters Continue

  1. Doug Thomas says:

    He’s turning into a little cat diplomat!


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