Miracle Moment

Anna on Sofa

I have a towel over the back of this sofa in Anna’s room because she likes to sleep there sometimes and she sheds a lot.  Last night when Sherman and I came in, Anna was on the floor near the door and saw him.  She jumped up onto the sofa about where she is resting here, while Sherman jumped up the other side a second or so later.

Anna and Sherman peered at each other for a moment, about half a foot apart, then both moved gently forward and sniffed each other nose touching.  No growls or hisses from Anna, and then they settled down on each end and settled down peacefully.

Soon Grant and Davout came closer and Anna lost some of her calmness and first retired to the seat of the couch, and then back to her safe spot.  But for a little while Anna was able to put her issues aside and treat another cat as they deserved according to their actions.

I was really proud of her.

Door way Cats

This evening there it wasn’t quite as intimate…Sherman didn’t jump up, and Anna started to get a bit agitated after a few minutes with other cats in sight, especially Rhea, and again moved back onto the sofa seat.  Then I put her onto her shelf in case Rhea was coming around to avoid any scuffle.

To Rhea’s credit she hasn’t been anything more than curious these last few times she’s come around.  She’s also been pretty easy to chivvy out of the room when Anna has had enough.

Anna on the Shelf

When Anna faded back, Sherman went to the back of the sofa himself and settled into the sleeping spot himself.  Anna looks a little grim, but she’s really trying not to scare off Sherman while being a bit worried about the others behind him.

Sherman on the Sofa

Luckily these kinds of drama don’t seem to bother him at all.

Sherman on the High Shelf

Later on after leaving Anna behind, Sherman rested in my room.

Rhea in the Anna Cage

Rhea did too.



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4 Responses to Miracle Moment

  1. Doug Thomas says:

    Congratulations to Anna for a moment of acceptance! Sherman is our little hero, too, and I’m happy for you that he seems to be the catalyst for Anna’s slow recovery from whatever happened in her past that makes he spooked around other kitties.


  2. Anne Daigle says:

    Like I posted a while back–based on my experience, it will take about 5 years. Good for Sherman for leaving his scent on her towel.


  3. Valentine says:

    Mom covers her settee with a large towel for me to lounge on ’cause she says I shed a lot, too. So I can sympathize with your kitties. Make sure you give Anna lots of kisses and pets each time she makes an effort, which will give her confidence and reassurance that everything is OK. Little steps along the way lead to big achievements. She is so cute. All your kitties are! Mew Mew!


  4. total lee awesum anna….we iz buzzed happee for ewe !! ☺☺♥♥


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