Anna and Sherman

Anna when Sherman and I came in.  This time she was so relaxed with him she didn’t even get up but just watched him while flopped over.

She thought about joining him on the sofa top, but finally thought better.  I dragged her to the bottom and she sat down without incident.  When the other cats got near the door, Anna started to get agitated and swished her tail.  She was turned and about to jump down when her waving tail got too close to Sherman and he lunged out and swatted at it.

Anna didn’t take any special notice of this as she retired back to her spot.

Anna giving me a bit of a taste before I left her room.  Then a nip.

Rhea was at the door for a bit, but then retired to another room into this cubby.  She has been a lot calmer with Anna for the last few weeks.


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4 Responses to Anna and Sherman

  1. weggieboy says:

    Looking good! I’m happy for Anna that she’s found Sherman to be acceptable!


  2. Hopefully he can help integrate her into the group.


  3. Johnny says:

    Aww they are just too cute ! (I also find it hilarious when my little ones try to clean / taste me )


  4. So happy to see Anna! She reminds me so much of my kitty Miss Bella who passed 5 years ago and who I still miss dearly. Thank you for sharing her story with Sherman–I’m glad to see she’s seems to be getting along pretty good with him!


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