Sherman has always been friendly enough to me, and puts up with getting picked up for cuddles too, but still goes off on his own most times, or plays with the other cats.  Recently he has decided to hop up on the bed after the nighttime visit to Anna or when I am getting dressed for the day and play around with me, messing with the shoe tying and biting at my fingers a bit.

I was lying on the floor this morning and Davout got onto the bed, only to be followed by Grant for some rough play or cuddles.  Davout put up with him sitting on his head, then flipped him off and pinned him and gave him some licks on the head.

Rhea was camped out in one of the beds in the room too, so we had all the cats hanging out there for a while.

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1 Response to Bros

  1. weggieboy says:

    The shoelace shot with Grant is brilliant! Nicely done! Grant and Sherman have been an impressive influence on the dynamics of cat interactions in your home. I’m amazed at these little kitties!


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