Double Kisses and Hisses

Grant takes advantage of the extra bowls set out to encourage Davout to eat more rather than waiting for everyone to finish.

There was an interesting meeting in Anna’s room tonight.  Davout was hanging out nearby and I picked him up and set him up on the sofa back.  Anna was below and she was calm while he was up above her, and then Sherman came in and gave her a nose to nose touch.

Davout stepped down to the seat of the sofa, and Anna jumped up onto the back.  Then the two of them did a nose to nose of their own.  Davout was a little nervous, so he turned away and she sniffed his tail really close.  He turned and hissed at her for that, and they faced each other again.  She hissed at him and he jumped down and walked to the food near the door.

Even this his wasn’t her old super strong hisses, it was a more normal one that any cat gives one who crossed over the line.

Rhea giving the nap the old college try.

Grant is being less twitchy these days, and his fur is starting to plush out and feel thicker than it was a few months before.


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2 Responses to Double Kisses and Hisses

  1. weggieboy says:

    Whew! Your patience has been rewarded! Good for Anna! Nose kisses and tail sniffing are seriously important steps for your beautiful Anna, and I join you and all of us following her progress via your blog in giving her a big virtual hug and a nice “scritch” for achieving the emotional transition that allowed her to make these important kitty rituals of acceptance!


  2. Mary McNeil says:

    Progress indeed ! So good to hear.


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