Side By Side

I brought out a wand toy and even sleepy Davout woke up to watch it.  He still has his bed-whiskers.

Rhea was a bit more active herself when it was her turn.

Sherman was in Anna’s room this morning and she was being very mild so I picked him up and put him on her safe shelf next to her….almost touching.  He gave a tiny hiss, she didn’t even do that and even sniffed at his side and tail.  They both did some turning about without touching, and finally Anna got tired of it and got down.

This is a hard test for even untroubled cats, as they like their space.  Rhea will swat at Grant when he tries to rub across her face at breakfast time.

I was a bit worried about Grants coat being kinda thin, but it seems to be plushing up in these last few weeks.  I’m not sure if he will have the jowls that many BSH cats have, he seems to be remaining petite.

I weighed Rhea, Davout and Sherman the other day since the weight report on Davout was quite a bit down.  My weighing was higher, but still lower than his old numbers by a little. Rhea was actually a few ounces heavier at about 8.5 pounds, and Sherman was about the same as Davout.  Grant still gets upset if held, so weighing is a problem.  He might be close himself, as he’s pretty dense if small.

Davout is a rebel.

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2 Responses to Side By Side

  1. weggieboy says:

    Davout is the comedian today! Love the whiskers (always!) and the last photo gave me my first laugh of the day! The amazing transformation of Anna, thanks (I guess) to Sherman, ironically named after a brutal General who united in his own way by destroying opposition, still is the big kitty story of this year!


  2. look at everee onez awesum close up shotz !!! way kewl; az iz de nooze bout sherman & anna….gettin ther…N tell dad ta try treetz on the scale, mite help weigh grant 🙂 ♥♥


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