Title Forgotten

Anna was hanging about waiting for a visitor, and I managed to ‘encourage’ Davout by bringing him in and plunking him down.  He wants to be friendly with her, but is too scared by her previous hissing to come into view of her on his own.

When I sat down and gave him some scratches, he relaxed a lot more.

He did get down, but stayed in view and even played with a toy a little while Anna watched.

He wants Anna to be happy too, but he’s not as brave as Sherman in facing her wrath.

The other boys were around the sofa, and Anna eventually got twitchy and jumped down and gave Grant a nice hiss that sent him running.  Grant did soon come creeping back which Anna put up with without comment.

Rhea came up, and Anna retired to her safe area without any aggression.  Rhea left her alone.  I’m encouraged that Rhea isn’t showing the intense hunt/chase body language she used to, and Anna is getting a little braver when she is in sight.  The other day they were watching each other down the hall, and Rhea stood up and didn’t stalk, and even gave a few blinks before turning aside and breaking eye contact.

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