Boy’s Club

In the last week or so the boys have been clustering around Anna’s room when I go there because I’ve been filling a plate from Anna’s dry food.  The boys eat it just down the hall in the bathroom, and Anna has gotten in the habit of watching them.

Rhea hasn’t often come up for her share while Anna is watching.

To break the ice I have put Anna down near Grant a few times, since he’s the one of the boys she’s most nervous about.  She’s handled it fairly well, not growling or hissing, although she did retreat fairly quickly.

Grant isn’t as brave as Sherman, and just leaves it as that.

Sherman has started to bang the plate on the tile floor if I am nearby and I forgot to fill the plate from Anna’s stash.  Clever fellow.

So today when the boys were eating, I brought Anna out of the room where the three of them were and set her down.  They all looked at her, and she looked at them and chirruped and even stepped forward before thinking better and going back into her room.

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3 Responses to Boy’s Club

  1. weggieboy says:

    Sweet Anna! I’m glad she’s losing a lot of her anxiety about other cats! I always look forward to ytour blog for the photos, of course, but because you have excellent cat skills. I feel I learn from your experience with your kitties!


  2. Sherman is a clever little fellow. Brulee has begun a routine to let Mom Paula know when her bowl is empty. We’d love to include photos of your beautiful cats in our 2018 calendar. Check out the link below for more information.

    Don’t forget to send us your photos to be included in the 2018 calendar.


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