Cleanup Again

Today I had to do a bit of put-off cleanup, with the addition of the knocked down pole cat tree.  I made an attempt to keep it from spinning as much so it won’t come apart like before.


I also decided to clean up Anna’s room so I tried doing it by bringing Anna out to a cage in my room.  Sherman came right up at first and helped her calm down.  Rhea left my room and hung out in Anna’s room while I cleaned up.

After most of the work was done Rhea did come into the room and peer at Anna which led to her getting some severe hisses in exchange.

I tried bringing Sherman back for some magic and she did calm down a little, but when he mistakenly made something bang on the table near her she gave him a hiss or two of his own.  He wasn’t scared but did seem to decide calming her down was a bad deal for the time and left.

I put her back into her room then.  She didn’t have any long term reactions from it later.

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1 Response to Cleanup Again

  1. Mary McNeil says:

    Pretty special how Sherman senses who needs some comforting !


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