Catchup Roundup

Just some catching up of bonus loaded pictures I haven’t posted on here yet.

I continue to have several boys come with me on visits to Anna.  She’s been warming up to Davout some, tho he still is a bit scared of her.  Sherman is just fine.  She’s a bit worried by Grant, and he’s cautious of her too.

Davout on a visit with Anna.

Rhea has been very good at not starting scraps with Anna.  She seems to trust the Generals to handle it without much supervision.

Pretty Anna.


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One Response to Catchup Roundup

  1. weggieboy says:

    More progress with Anna! The kitty boys are more than pretty faces it seems, and it is encouraging to know Davout and Rhea (especially) are slowly finding their place in Anna’s world, too.

    Do you think the difference in how the two sets of kittens responded to Anna and Anna to them is because Davout and Rhea were full grown when she met them, whereas the Generals were actual kittens meeting Anna?

    I ask because I know many of us will have situations in future where an established cat or cats has/have to adjust to a new cat. I think your experience with multiple cat personalities gives you a unique position to comment of best ways to accomplish this.


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