Coming Out

Last night when I was visiting Anna with the boys, she decided to come out of her room and walk past the boys all the way into my bedroom.  She explored around for a while while I worried that Rhea might come up and cause trouble.  I cut it somewhat short and brought her back for the night.

I was impressed that she strolled past the boys without being worried.

Tonight she came out again and touched base with the boys again.

Today I did a few more stress tests.  I put Sherman right up on this shelf with her and she didn’t react badly.  And I would think most normal cats would be a bit annoyed by another cat that close.  I brought Davout in when Anna was on her sofa watching Sherman and he was scared and gave a couple of hisses when he found himself so close to her.  She hissed back and gave him some space by jumping down and coming over here.

Davout stayed on the sofa back where the little fan was blowing for a while.

I was a bit worried when Rhea came up to see what was going on.  She has been giving Anna lots of space even when we are all up there.  Even here she is hanging back.

Sherman noticed a way up to Anna’s closet safe space….

Anna even didn’t mind Grant coming close with Rhea in the room…but out of sight.

Still no issues today.

Rhea finds Sherman…

Rhea was actually very good too.  She stayed out of Anna’s sight aside from possibly one time, and let herself be diverted from staring at her with a word and a click of the tongue.

Sherman looking down from Anna’s safety zone.


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3 Responses to Coming Out

  1. awesum !!!! N guyz…heerz two lotz oh dayz with noe izzuez !!! 🙂 ♥♥


  2. sarledge1 says:

    Just too precious! They want to get along……Anna is trying so hard. Love them to the moon and back!


  3. angela1313 says:

    Enormous progress. I can see how the generals might be less intimidating. They are so sweet, but actually they all are.


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