Weekend Catchup

Catch Up Rhea

Not a lot of chatter today.  The boys were too tired to visit Anna and she didn’t feel like exploring.  Mostly a day of napping.

So time to catch up on pictures that got left out of previous posts.  Some as far back as May.

Catch Up Grant

Grant has that charming face.  I did lay down near him this evening and managed to get some petting in without him wanting to dash off.

Catch up Davout

Marshal D looking like a cloud.

Catch Up Sherman

Sherman in Anna’s room a while back.

Catch Up Anna

Anna on her safe self.

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2 Responses to Weekend Catchup

  1. sarledge1 says:

    Such beautiful fur babies!


  2. They are all so distinctive and beautiful (yes, even the boys are beautiful!) Love seeing them!


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