Anna’s Master Plan

When I went up to visit Anna I took a camera but nobody came up with me.  Anna decided to take matters into her hands and went out to explore the upstairs, even bypassing the office room to go all the way into my room.

She used to do this early on when Rhea and Davout were too unsure to come near.  She was a bit anxious as the boys came up then and hung out at the doorway watching.  She went into the bathroom and started rolling around rubbing on stuff.

Sherman came up and got a hiss, but a mild one which hardly put him off much. He would sit down right there and watch her.

She went into the walk in closet and rubbed around.  Sherman hung around out of direct sight and listened which she didn’t mind.

Eventually Grant came up to scope out the situation.

Anna was a bit agitated when he came into view but determined to ignore it and rub around some more.

Grant got a nice close view and amiably backed off and relaxed and lay down himself.  The two of them traded “I’m totally casual” postures with care for a while.   Davout came up and hung out even farther back and relaxed as well.

Now I was wondering a few things.  Anna has made a lot of strides in moving past the boys without drama in the last weeks, but she wasn’t as nervous then as now, and there was more space.  And I wanted to see where Rhea was.

Turned out she was in Anna’s room.  This is pretty common, she often goes in to satisfy her curiosity when she gets a chance.  She wasn’t lurking, and when I brought Anna in she voluntarily left the room to her.

It’s good to see Anna think about expanding her world a little, and Rhea has been great at letting the boys handle the situation for her, which was quite a change from when it was just her and Davout.

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4 Responses to Anna’s Master Plan

  1. weggieboy says:

    Definitely making progress!


  2. angela1313 says:

    Adding the boys seems to have changed the dynamics in a positive way. Anna is really blooming.


  3. Good for Aana! Do you know why she has anxiety issues? She looks so happy!


    • Oldcat says:

      The story I had at adoption was that she was a pampered cat, then the owners had a child that harrassed her and so she was put into shelters. The one I got her from had dozens of cats in a common area. Anna seemed to have one spot she felt was hers. Now even shut off in her own room she has many spots all her own.


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