Girls Put to the Test

Anna has been almost normal in her safe room these last weeks, and has even gone beyond to exploring outside a little bit, even walking past the boys to do so.

This weekend I upped the pressure some by bringing Anna farther out and trying to gauge Rhea’s potential desire to skirmish with her.   Saturday I brought her out into my room with Sherman for a wander with the door closed.  Rhea was just outside the door.  Anna was a bit on edge but did relax at times, even when Rhea was just outside the door and she was sitting on the inside..

This afternoon Anna wanted to explore on her own.  Rhea was in my room, so I brought her to the doorway of the office Anna turned into to watch.  Grant was following Anna and got some hisses, but Rhea sat and just watched Anna move around without much excitement, even when Anna came out and passed within a few feet and hissed at her a little.

Grant gets some cleaning from the big bro.

Davout’s fur is like a cloud these days.

Rhea helping with the ironing.

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1 Response to Girls Put to the Test

  1. sarledge1 says:

    Oh you beautiful and handsome fur children! Just looking at these marvelous photos makes me so happy!


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