Anna’s World

Anna has been taking the chance to explore more often.  She will walk right past Sherman with only a little trepidation and even when she’s exploring his following her only bothers her a little.

The only difficulty is that she can decide to tuck under a bed or hard to reach spot, and so far I don’t want to leave her out at night or when I work.

In the pictures she’s not exploring for a change.

There was an interesting incident this morning.  Rhea decided to poke into Anna’s room but Anna heard her and went up to her safe spot.  Sherman was around the sofa from Rhea and she pounced around the corner and make a slappy attack on poor Sherman while Anna watched from above.

Like a lot of her slappy attacks Rhea was smacking the carpet near his nose with claws out rather than trying to hit him and hissing, so no harm was done.  Sherman soon went into therapy cat on her and started following her about in a non threatening way while she tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

Tonight for some reason the boys were very slow to follow me up to Anna’s room so she watched the hallway for a long time until Davout came up.



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1 Response to Anna’s World

  1. weggieboy says:

    Always good to read Anna’s reaching out from her world! I can imagine those slappy attacks, too, since my kitty boys give them to each other for trespassing on those special places each one claims for his own. Otherwise, they play well together.

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