Week End

Marshal is the one that is adjusting best to the flea treatment.  Grant and Sherman still seem to scratch a lot at intervals, which might be just stray fleas.

Rhea has decided to change her hangout spot to the end of my bed, pretty much all day aside from feeding time.  Even all night, when before she would spend most of the night elsewhere.  She isn’t sluggish or scared, but either she now likes the fan on her much more than before or the towels feel nice to her.

On a lark I brought Anna into the room and put her on the bed by Rhea.  Rhea didn’t hiss and neither did Anna.  Anna did a bit of exploring around the room and Rhea watched with interest.  When I took Anna off Rhea explored the places Anna had gone.   It was the mildest interaction they’ve had in years.

The boys are hanging around with Rhea a bit more since she isn’t taking up her usual spots on the floor.

Both of them are still scratching a bit…if it doesn’t drop off a bath for them at the vets might be in order.

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1 Response to Week End

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    I put a mothball (naphthalene) in my vacuum cleaner bag to get any flea eggs in the carpets.


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