Happy Kitties

Grant on a Rocker

Grant is happy to be the wallflower boy who waits and watches.

Nekkid Baby

Rhea these days seems happy to overlook even the presence of Anna in the same room and even a little bit of hissing.

Grant at war

Grant is such a handsome little fellow.

Davout Face

Davout is such a serious little guardian of all the other cats, but especially his little brothers.  It is heartwarming to watch how he guards all the cats even against his own personal inclination to be a cautions and retiring fellow.

Davout Face

This morning Anna took a little walk into my room even when Rhea came into the room to watch over matters.  Anna has been interested in a little exploring of the upstairs even when Rhea might intervene.  Today she managed to avoid an confrontation even when Rhea was lined up to cause trouble.  The two of them managed to avoid confict and thus made me very happy.

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2 Responses to Happy Kitties

  1. weggieboy says:

    Great! Following Anna and Rhea’s progress shows how patience can be rewarded! It was the introduction of the kitties, wasn’t it, that helps the girls sort things out. Grant IS a handsome fellow, though all your kitties are beautiful, I think.


  2. Awesome! It’s taken time, but they look like they are starting to be able to live together without issues. or much issues.. Fingers and paws crossed that it keeps getting better!


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