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High Energy

I caught Sherman in the middle of a yawn. Davout was going all out for the cat toy…. Its all just a blur! Advertisements

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Little Trip

Was off on a day trip and the cats weathered it pretty well.  Rhea got a little case of the zoomies when things were settled, and perched on the shelf outside the steps too to be more visible. Grant might … Continue reading

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From Above

Sherman is firmly on his rocker. Rhea noticed that I emptied a bin of paper junk mail and decided to check out the situation in the most direct but complicated way, straight down from above.

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Thug Life Cat

Davout looking his toughest and meanest. Little Rhea has a bit of fuzz on her back rather than “fur paint”

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Catch Up Day

Rhea after a busy day. Anna, somewhat concerned about who might be down the hall.

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Copy Cats

Grant takes his shadowing of Davout to a new level, grooming himself in sync with his big bro. Nap Time later.

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Boys Being Boys

Grant and the Marshal were the only ones about – Sherman is in the carriers in the kitchen and Rhea is back upstairs on the bed. Davout was a bit itchy so I gave him the second dose of Revolution … Continue reading

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