Settling In

With the waning of kittenhood for the Generals, the cats are settling into a new set of patterns and responsibilities.

Davout seems to be the downstairs guard cat.  He shifts between hanging out by one of the three entrances – front door, back door and garage.  Even when the inside garage door is open, he has been guarding the entryway and not exploring it himself.  He leaves that for the others.

Sherman is still the psychologist, though he has slowed down in pressing himself at Anna as much.  He still races ahead to meet her at the door and she won’t hiss at him, but after that he usually retires to the hallway rather than press inside.

He does still come running when somebody is upset.  Davout had a few chest mats cut out, and Anna some too so there was a late night shave session that had him hopping.

Grant has settled down some too.  He’s the dinner monitor, rushing down and flopping about on the kitchen floor like a fish while the cans are opened.  He’s still doing a little bit of his annoying rubbing across Rhea’s face on the way down for breakfast but it only takes a mild paw swipe to make him sorry for it.  When she moves on, he jumps up and will likely do it again in five steps, though.

He’s still a strange combination of wild and tame.  A nervous cat will dodge away or keep their distance, but relax if captured.  Grant will hang fairly close, but if caught will be struggling the entire time.  If you let him go, he takes a step or two and comes right back nearby.  It’s like being held is a moral outrage rather than frightening.

The four are settling into be all about the same size and weight, more or less.  Grant seems a little smaller, but is very solidly built.  Davout looks large, but is mostly air and is very slight of build.

Here you can see some of the gaps between his front legs.  His fur is all super fine fluff until it mats up.

Rhea has also picked up a new habit.  Once she started being fed on the countertop bar, she soon decided that the best approach was to jump up onto furniture on the diagonally opposite corner, then walk along the entire room perimeter on furniture then pop up on the top from the little fridge top.

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3 Responses to Settling In

  1. I’m not sure Grant wants to grow up, sounds like he likes being a silly boy, at least around food and Rhea!


  2. 15andmeowing says:

    They are all so adorable, such cute little faces.


  3. Bitsy says:

    My cat behaves in the same way as Grant when picked up. ‘Moral outrage’ seems to perfectly describe her reaction!


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