Face Time

Davout is still acting the guardian of the pride downstairs.  There was a funny moment the other day when the door into the garage slammed due to wind (there is always some open grills in garages near the floor in California in case the gas lines get ripped open by an earthquake).

Luckily all the boys were inside, or close enough to scamper in ahead of it, but Davout was the one closest to the door despite his cautious nature.

Rhea was in the living room and was pretty curious, sitting up high trying to get a view of what was happening.  But not so curious as to get up off of the folded laundry and see.

Grant is deeply concerned, but I’m not sure about what.

Perhaps he needs a session with Sherman the psychologist.

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1 Response to Face Time

  1. angela1313 says:

    A nice bed of laundry is just so comfortable. I wouldn’t want to get up either.


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