Magical Cat

Rhea was sitting on the portable I do these posts on most of the evening.  I could hear it chirping intermittently.

Davout took over a big box as the best thing ever.  I even saw him rough up Grant a few times for trying to take it away from him.

The results of Rhea sitting on the portable.  Plus it was in airplane mode, and a shortcut was being made for something despite the computer being asleep.  I need to log in with a password to do anything, but Rhea can do it regardless.

Sherman is so calm and wise, except when he is chasing Grant up and down the stairs.  I saw Rhea trying to get him to chase her, but he wouldn’t do it yet.

Rhea in a super close up.  I don’t do this enough because of her great ears.

They aren’t usually in this mode.  One picture too many today.

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Engineer with Cats
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6 Responses to Magical Cat

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    That is funny. My cats manage to make things happen on my computer too that I could never figure out.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. awesum fotoz two day guyz !!!!!! ☺☺♥♥


  3. Mary McNeil says:

    One of my cats walked across the keyboard once and turned everything SIDEWAYS. I called the computer guy and he had to experiment at his end to help me !

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  4. Bitsy says:

    Cats have super powers. This is the proof. Rhea’s fur is looking very interesting.


  5. weggieboy says:

    Never too many photos in your posts! Rhea’s hair’s growing out nicely.


  6. that second to last photo is beautiful


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