Funny Faces

When you have to scratch that itch.

This morning in bed after I was awake, Grant came and sat by my leg when Rhea perched on my arm. This is a first.  He’s usually around in the room, and even rolls around like a crazy boy if I’m on the point of getting up to feed him, but his wildish nature has kept him at a short distance since he was a tiny kitten.

He’s a funny cat.  If he’s up on a bookcase and feeling confident, he gets twitchy about being touched on his back, but will accept being touched all over his tummy much more readily, unlike most cats.


The Marshal is quite the handsome fellow.

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1 Response to Funny Faces

  1. thatz for sure !!….round heer ya knead purrmission ta touch me belly N on my termz onlee !!

    tuna of moon ~~ ;)♥♥


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