Mean Rhea barged in to Anna’s room and had a little spat with her.  No smacks just a lot of hissing with Rhea standing up under Anna’s window seat.

Anna is a pretty girl.

I may have to get more laundry baskets since all the cats seem to like sleeping in the empty ones tipped sideways.



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3 Responses to Glows

  1. weggieboy says:

    Yes, get the additional laundry baskets! LOL! Of course, as you well know, they’ll fight over one while there are enough for all of them, but…! I did this with a little plastic tub when both wanted to sleep in it. When I got the second tub so they’d both have one, Dougy claimed them both. Oh well!


  2. Yella loves napping in the laundry basket when it’s upright. I wonder if I should get one for downstairs too.


  3. Bitsy says:

    The picture of Sherman laid out in the laundry basket made me laugh out loud. Anna reminds me of a Maine coon I once shared my life with. Buster was male, but had that same sweet face and tabby pattern.


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