New Year

Things have puttered around normally here over the last few weeks.  I’ve spent less time taking and even less time posting photos, and somewhat more interacting with the kitties.

Davout has started to be bolder about asking for things directly, although sometimes I’m not sure what.  I’ve opened up the cat door to the garage a few times and while he isn’t the first to pass through, he does seem to consider himself a gate keeper.  He will come and notify me if one of the kittens, usually Sherman, has been out there too long.

He’s also started coming up for pets and scratches on his own, although if I make a sudden move he still darts off.

Sherman has continued his sociable ways and Anna has almost no trouble with him.  She was getting very good about not hissing at the other cats for a few weeks there, but then a while back Rhea rushed Anna and they had a loud scrap.

All the young cats have been weighed recently and they seem to be leveling off at the 8 pound range.  Most size differences with them are related to fluff volume and body shape.   Sherman is decidedly stockier in the body than Rhea and Davout, although he doesn’t have the shorter tail of a Persian.

Rhea remains queen of the house, troll guard of the cat door to the garage when she wishes, and instigator of a good amount of play with the younger boys.

Grant is an odd fellow.  He’s usually close by, sometimes just out of reach.  He still hates being corralled and fights it, but when let go will turn just out of range and glare rather than run and hide.

He looks to be entering a lanky stage that Davout and Rhea hit at about 1 and a half years old.  On them their coat seemed to shorten up almost to shorthair length, but it soon fluffed out.  His won’t do that. of course.  He still shows no sign of getting the heavy head of a British Shorthair male, which is fine by me.

Grant is the only cat that will let you pet or scratch his belly more willingly than his back or head.  I think the difference is the expectation of being controlled with the touch to the top of the body.

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4 Responses to New Year

  1. 15andmeowing says:

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year!


  2. Bitsy says:

    I enjoyed this update on all the kitties. I miss them on the days you don’t post. Rhea reminds me of my cat, Sophie, who is also a calico. Do you think there is something to the theory of the ‘tortie’ personality?


    • Oldcat says:

      Tying personality traits to hair color seems to be to be a bit like saying red-haired women are “firey” tempered because the color matches. I’ve had a Rhea and a blue creme tortie girl and the don’t share that many features…Cassie was actually more like Sherman…not agressive, but confident, friendly while being independent.

      I see more distinction with sex, in my experience females have a stronger sense of “my turf” and boundaries than the fellows. Males might clash if they run into each other, but they don’t seem to stake out claims to areas like the girls do.


      • Bitsy says:

        Your observation of females and their turf makes sense. My last female was a sweet and gentle cat, not as aggressive as Sophie, but she was, nonetheless, quite territorial in her own gentle but persistent way. When she wanted a spot, it didn’t matter what or who was using it — she would just get on top of whatever or whomever!


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