Wrong Idea

For the last few months I have been letting the cats through the door into the garage for exploring.  With cooler weather I went further and sometimes open the cat door with the door closed.  I think all of them know how to get through it, but I haven’t left it unblocked when I’m not around.

Sunday at bedtime I noticed that Sherman wasn’t around, which is a bit unusual.  He isn’t always underfoot, but as I get ready for bed he usually shows up to visit Anna, or watch me take out contacts and the like.

The final nail was that Davout came up to me in bed and was hanging around.  He’s been getting more expressive in making his moods known, but doing it at this time and place was new.

I’m not sure if Davout knew Sherman had ducked out into the garage when I came in that evening or was just wondering where he had gotten to.  He didn’t lead me to the door or anything.  Sherman wasn’t upset about being in there yet himself, but was happy to get in.  Usually he is cuddly when picked up for about 20 seconds before wriggling to get down, this time he was fine for about a minute and a half.

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1 Response to Wrong Idea

  1. Bitsy says:

    I love the little curls on Sherman’s underside.


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