Back Scratcher

The other day I picked up a back scratcher for a few dollars at the drug store.  I thought it might help me get a little more contact with the wild cat Grant.  I have had several skittish cats, but he’s different.  He isn’t afraid of being held, it makes him angry.  Even when he is up on a shelf he flinches away.

So far he has put up with the touch a little bit, and he and all the others are interested in playing with the tip like a cat toy.

Sherman likes it too.

Grant the Lion Cub.

It is a little easier to use it to get the cats looking in just the right direction…

Rhea has the button nose.

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3 Responses to Back Scratcher

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    My daughter has a rescue cat who has not lost his feral ways. He is happy to be indoors, play with the other cats, but he is strictly no touch. His friend (rescued at the same time) is one big love bug. Go figure.


  2. dood…we R knot big time inta bee in held either…awesum new “toy” dad gotcha all ~~~~ 🙂 ♥


  3. Bitsy says:

    I had my cat, Sophie, for almost a year before I was able to pet her. She wasn’t feral, she was just a twirling dervish and also didn’t really like to be touched. I can pet her now (she’s 4 years old), although she only really likes it on her head or her tail. Yes, oddly enough, she doesn’t mind having her tail touched. But preferably not between the head and tail. And she abhors being held. Despite that, she does like to get on my lap, and she sleeps next to me. But beware the stray hand at night that accidentally touches her body!


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