Outdoors Again

I was back home early today.  I had some dental work planned, but the plans changed as the whole tooth was broke and needs to be ripped out tomorrow.

After I got back there was daylight for a little visit out by the cats.

Rhea was the bold one going out front.  Sherman did explore the wall line in the pool area, even getting behind the vines climbing the wall at one point.

Davout was busy keeping an eye on everyone.

He thinks Rhea needs to get back here where it is safer.

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3 Responses to Outdoors Again

  1. we agreez…care ful out ther rhea !!!!! 🙂 ♥♥ sorree ta heer bout dadz tooth …OW !!!!


  2. 15andmeowing says:

    Sorry about your tooth.


  3. Bitsy says:

    Just had a root canal — lucked out in that mine wasn’t cracked, which was the original fear. Good luck! Glad the kitties got some supervised outdoor time.


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