Well, the tooth extraction went fine.  Aside from the drugs, it isn’t that much different than the old set of pliers, but it was fast.  And the socket isn’t as twingey as the broken tooth.

It does seem that the pain meds, supposedly the kind to make you sleepy and unable to operate machinery, instead kept me wide awake all night.  I went in to work without taking more and didn’t have a big pain issue and had a little nap just now but I’m still tired.

I’m reusing some queued up pictures today.  Not much new has been going on.  Rhea has been doing more playing with the Generals, daring them to chase her about.

The kitties exploring outside a week or so ago.

Grant playing with puffy toy.

Davout the cloud cat.

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2 Responses to Afterward

  1. Hope you’re feeling better. My dentist said removing a tooth was a serious procedure and should be treated like any other surgery, with rest and conscientious care. With the weekend coming up, maybe the cats will let you take it easy!


  2. guyz… dad just said for all de werld ta reed…. him iz FINE afturr his dental 🙂 sew due knot let
    him slack off thiz weekend wear ewe all R concerned ….he mite try N pull a fast one N say heez
    feelin poorly ~~~~~ 🙂 ! ♥


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