The Versatile Blogger Award – Seven Time Winner

I have been awarded this several times, three within a few days of each other in the latter part of September 2011.  It was really going around then.

The awarding blogs were:

  • Pedro of “Maru Can Kiss My Furry…”.
  • Minlit of “Confessions of a Cat Woman”.
  • Jo of “Jo’s Journal”.
  • Andrea of the “Celestial Kitties” blog on 2/6/2012.
  • From “My Feral Family” blog on 3/7/2013.
  • fozziemum from “fozzie.m” blog on 7/7/2013

  • Christina Nowacki of “Trees & Flowers & Birds!” on 3/20/2012 awarded this spiffy black and white version of the award.

One Lovely Blog Award – Three Time Winner

This award came in a few days after the Versatile Award, in late September 2011.  The awards were coming thick and fast in those days, for certain.

The awarding blogs were:

  • Pedro of “Maru Can Kiss My Furry…”.

This ‘modern style’ version of the award has been awarded to me by:

  • Meow Hear This of “Meow Hear This!”  on 6/10/12.

This ‘tree’ version of the award has been awarded to the blog by:

  • Savannah of “Savannah’s Paw Tracks” on 6/11/12.

Lief Blog Award

This award originates in Europe. Lief means “Sweet” in Dutch, by all reports.  The three cat paws are certainly appropriate.

The awarding blogs were:

  • Andrea of “Celestial Kitties” Blog on 1/23/2012.

All Around Wonderful Blog Award

I’m not sure who originated this particular award, but the name seems to imply that they like us.

The Awarding Blogs were:

  • littlemiao of “the miao chronicles” Blog on 2/9/2012.

Sunshine Blog Award – Two Time Winner

Again I’m not sure of the ultimate origin of the award, but getting it in the spring seems appropriate.

The Awarding Blogs are:

  • Savannah of  “Savannah’s Paw Tracks” Blog on 5/26/12.

And this variant of the award…

Sunshine Award

  • catcalledmorris of “Paws For Thought” blog on 12/19/13.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award – Four Time Winner

The Awarding Blogs are:

  • Savannah of “Savannah’s Paw Tracks” Blog on 6/11/12.
  • Emily of “The Sugarlump” Blog on 7/22/12.
  • kimkiminy  of the “Check Your Premises” on 8/9/12.
  • berlincatlady of the “Berlin Cat Lady” Blog on 1/16/13.

Tell Me About Yourself Award

This award seems kind of backwards…it is more like a demand than telling us what we are awarded for!  It was awarded by:

  • Terri at “Terri’s Kitchen: An American Living and Cooking in England” on 7/12/12.

The Blog on Fire Award

This award is ‘hipper’ than the usual award – pretty neat!  It was awarded by:

  • Mark of ‘Mark’s Mews” blog on 7/16/12.

Liebster Award – Two Time Winner

  • Andrea Kelly of “The Hand Written Life” on 8/20/12.


  • Ellie of “The Howling Mad Cat” Blog on 3/24/13.

Shine On Award


  • Francois from “The Garden Cat” awarded this on 3/10/13.

My Favorite Things Award

Favorite award

  • Andrea of “Celestial Kitties” Blog on 7/08/2013.

The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – Two Time Winner


  • Andrea of  “Celestial Kitties” Blog on 8/12/2013.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


  • Hairball Express of Hairball Express Blog on 5/21/14

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Dragon's Loyalty Award

  • Heather of  “Meekucat” Blog on 10/16/2013.

Friends and Followers Award


  • HairballExpress of HairballExpress blog on 12/17/2013.

Blog of the Year 2013 Award

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

  • HairballExpress of HairballExpress blog on 12/25/13

Best Blog Around the World Award

Bestest blogaward

  • Andrea of  “Celestial Kitties” Blog on 2/3/2014.