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Cat Genetics, especially coat coloring

Question of the Day – What Color is my Cat?

limr asks: Ooh, I’d love to learn more about my two girls. They are sisters and I adopted them from a local shelter. They’d been found in a garage when they were about 2 weeks old, no sign of the … Continue reading

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Resource of the Day – CedarSeed Poster

The cats were all miffed that everything wasn’t back to normal instantly after the furnace installation and moped away most of the day. After spending most of the day under the bed, Calla flopped on the stair landing that used … Continue reading

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Question of the Day, and Answers

…..Cats in formation! Minlit asked a question about white cats and how they come about.  The problem is that there isn’t just one answer, there are four different causes to an all white cat. The first is White Spotting. Spotting … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Peppers Kittens

The Peppers kittens are one of the current sets of foster kittens over at the wonderful “Love and Hisses” blog.  There’s three black kittens, a ‘brown’ tabby kitten, and…what’s with that one in the middle there?  It sure looks interesting enough … Continue reading

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Question of the Day – Why White Spots?

Another question from the splendid littlemiao: Maybe one day you can explain why some kitties are tuxedo kitties (I’m thinking of my brother’s calico/tortie mama + the b&w cowkitty papa, who had 2 boy tuxkits). Today’s the day! In cats white … Continue reading

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Question of the Day – No Black Cats?

I managed to bang one of my toes in a cat related incident today so I am a little bit distracted from my normal post.  So I’ll do a trial version of those Q & A posts. The gracious littlemiao … Continue reading

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Future Plans?

Despite what it might seem I did not ignore the calls to do more on Genetics in the future.  I was just thinking over what might be done under the limits of the time I can spend on what is supposed … Continue reading

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Analyzing Kara and her Kittens

Love and Hisses is a blog I have been following for a long time – written by Robyn Anderson, who fosters cats and kittens in Alabama.  I’m not sure  exactly when I started reading the blog regularly, but it might … Continue reading

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Quiet Sunday?

Saturday was quiet during the day, as there were fellows chopping the brush outside the back wall making a lot of noise. But when evening came, Julie had to go out and investigate and was out all night again. He … Continue reading

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Calpurnia’s Line

You can’t have enough pictures of Calpurina cleaning up…but there’s another interesting feature I want to point out.  Look at the bottom of her foot there, where the white gives way to the normal point color.  The irregular blotch is … Continue reading

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