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One thing with getting a new cellphone is that you must redo a lot of apps..and I don’t add that many. Just trying out a WordPress App and its new editor.

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Calla Eyes

Remember.  Calla is watching you.

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What’s This?

Calpurnia doesn’t seem to be sure what this thing hanging down is… Do YOU know what it is?  Is it dangerous?

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The GIF That Keeps on Giving

I think you need to click on the image to see it in action. Thanks to kimkiminy for the place to make GIFs.

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Fuss and Fluff

His ruff might be rough and his back fur trimmed, but Gus still has his full fluff on his tail to be proud of. Calla likes to keep herself clean.  The narrow brick just adds that extra degree of difficulty … Continue reading

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Small Walks

Calla coming back in from her constitutional out back.  She strolls out to the brick border on the right around the corner and sits out there a while then comes back in. I took my own walk again – this … Continue reading

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Brown Paper Packages…

Awards seem to come in clusters.  When writing about getting one, here I am getting another.  This one is called the “My Favorite Things Award”. As Calla shows it is quite a head-turner.  That garden sure looks considerably better than … Continue reading

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Shoe In

Julie was the first to get into the shoebox, but Calla of course was just behind.  She often uses it after he gets up, and when she leaves he often takes it back.  This is at least better than in … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends Again

I let the cats out for a bit to wander today but they didn’t go far.  For some reason everyone but Julie was very cautious — here’s Calla getting all lined up to rush back in the front door if … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Lick Them…

Luckily, Julie can lick them…if ‘them’ refers to his paws… And Gus can lick his lips all over….

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