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Wideband and Lightness

Today I had the camera out during daylight hours.  Rhea naturally posed with the window behind which gave a nice effect. Anna got another shot at hanging out with me while I got ready.  She discovered this pile of throw … Continue reading

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Question of the Day: Chimera Cat?

Star Wise asked me a question about the genetics of the cat Venus, pictured above and in this post on her blog.  The cat appears to have two different faces, split right down the middle.  She has generated a lot of … Continue reading

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Counting the Inhibitions

Calla is bored by counting, even counting kittens… I got an interesting genetics question this morning from Sheddy Murphy, who has a litter of six kittens (Maine Coons) some of whom are showing signs of the Inhibitor gene from the dad … Continue reading

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End of the Session

I have a few more pictures from Sunday’s session with the super-zooming Olympus camera to show.  The shots on this part of the room could be done with natural light well enough.  When you don’t have enough, you get faded … Continue reading

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Question of the Day – Can a Cat be Agouti and Albino?

A random search string asks:  “Can a cat be Agouti and Albino?”.  At first, I scoffed at the question, since it had an obvious answer.  Then I considered again and came up with the other answer as the obvious one.  So … Continue reading

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Question(s) of the Day: Pixie-Bob Wars and Manx Syndrome

Kerry asked last time for more information about the Pixie-Bob breed, which is another type of American bobtail. There is actually a third – the Tennesee Bobtail.  All three seem to be Manx variants and thus subject to the same … Continue reading

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Question of the Day – The Long and Short of Tails

Robyn Anderson of Love and Hisses has a new set of kittens. An interesting thing about this litter is that three of the four kittens are partially or completely tailless.  The above picture is from her blog – isn’t he cute? … Continue reading

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Question of the Day – Ojos Azules?

Blue eyes in cats are among the most popular purebred traits.  The popularity of pointed cats, like the original Siamese and the extension of the pointed gene onto Ragdolls and Himalayan Persians like Calpurnia is partly due to the blue eyes that come … Continue reading

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The new “Analyze My Cat” page

I’ve released the Cat Analysis page for use.  While there are a few pages on the menu, you need to just move through the top menu page.  The links on that page will take you to the others as you go … Continue reading

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at last…

Just finished the last text and image for the Self Analysis gene pages.  After I do some checking on the links to make sure they go where they should, it should be ready to go.  I’m not sure why, but … Continue reading

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