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Sleepy Girl

Thomas fire is still spreading slowly, the upper arm towards the coast and Carpinteria,   On the plus side Ojai seems safer, and the lower arm is being pushed back from Carpinteria. Rhea was doing some careful “casual” posing while napping. … Continue reading

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Wild Night

Kitties are a little antsy because there are high winds tonight.  There was a gust of 80 miles an hour in the hills to the south.  There are wildfires loose tonight as well. This time the fires aren’t that close … Continue reading

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Box Games

I picked up a new carrier, but the box it came in gets more interest.  They did play with the base of it much of the day yesterday. Everyone is taking turns going into the box like a small cave. … Continue reading

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Couch Mice

General Sherman may not be the most elegant kitty but he has his moments. I was putting my fingers under the blanket to get him riled up.

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Funny Faces

When you have to scratch that itch. This morning in bed after I was awake, Grant came and sat by my leg when Rhea perched on my arm. This is a first.  He’s usually around in the room, and even … Continue reading

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From Above

Sherman is firmly on his rocker. Rhea noticed that I emptied a bin of paper junk mail and decided to check out the situation in the most direct but complicated way, straight down from above.

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Thug Life Cat

Davout looking his toughest and meanest. Little Rhea has a bit of fuzz on her back rather than “fur paint”

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Boys Being Boys

Grant and the Marshal were the only ones about – Sherman is in the carriers in the kitchen and Rhea is back upstairs on the bed. Davout was a bit itchy so I gave him the second dose of Revolution … Continue reading

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Anna continues to be a good host to the pack of boys who show up at her door. She will even leap down into the middle of them which scares the timid a bit but isn’t hissing at them anymore. … Continue reading

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Grant Birthday Weekend

I didn’t check my phone messages on Friday so I missed that the 14th is Grant’s birthday until later.  We had some good times playing on the tiles… He’s getting a little plushy.

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