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Naps and Non-Naps

Another dental thing this week so less messing around with the cats aside from the most general things.  I tried buying a Thundershirt for Anna, which didn’t fit her, so that experiment went for nothing. I was going to let … Continue reading

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Good Looks

Sherman puts out his movie-star looks for you all. Blue eyed cloud cat Davout

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Dress Rehersal

Today I was sitting around and decided to do a full blog session using the new portable.  I had gotten all the photos off the old system in the last few days and imported into the program.  Not all the … Continue reading

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Practice Post

It is past time that I start using my new portable – things just seem to take a long time on my current one that is getting old.  I also need to get a new card for the camera or … Continue reading

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Grant and Wideband

I’ve gotten a few comments about Grant’s coloring – shaded golden.  Not the most perfect golden by breeder rules, but striking nonetheless.  The first thing you need to see is that he’s a tabby cat to start with.  He’s also … Continue reading

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Wild Night

Kitties are a little antsy because there are high winds tonight.  There was a gust of 80 miles an hour in the hills to the south.  There are wildfires loose tonight as well. This time the fires aren’t that close … Continue reading

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Gotcha for All

It came to me earlier in the month that all of my current cats have anniversaries in the two weeks from late November to Early December.  Rhea and Davout are a December pair, while the Generals and Anna are Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Couch Mice

General Sherman may not be the most elegant kitty but he has his moments. I was putting my fingers under the blanket to get him riled up.

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Funny Faces

When you have to scratch that itch. This morning in bed after I was awake, Grant came and sat by my leg when Rhea perched on my arm. This is a first.  He’s usually around in the room, and even … Continue reading

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Missing the Action

Did some wand toy playing, but the only shots that came out were when the cats were still like they were posing. Rhea’s hair may still be a bit bobbed, but her whiskers and ear hair are in fine form.

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