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Naps and Non-Naps

Another dental thing this week so less messing around with the cats aside from the most general things.  I tried buying a Thundershirt for Anna, which didn’t fit her, so that experiment went for nothing. I was going to let … Continue reading

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Dress Rehersal

Today I was sitting around and decided to do a full blog session using the new portable.  I had gotten all the photos off the old system in the last few days and imported into the program.  Not all the … Continue reading

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Wrong Idea

For the last few months I have been letting the cats through the door into the garage for exploring.  With cooler weather I went further and sometimes open the cat door with the door closed.  I think all of them … Continue reading

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Spotty Paws

Sherman and his muddy boots. Grant isn’t much into cuddling but can be lured close by the camera strap.

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Gotcha for All

It came to me earlier in the month that all of my current cats have anniversaries in the two weeks from late November to Early December.  Rhea and Davout are a December pair, while the Generals and Anna are Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Couch Mice

General Sherman may not be the most elegant kitty but he has his moments. I was putting my fingers under the blanket to get him riled up.

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Missing the Action

Did some wand toy playing, but the only shots that came out were when the cats were still like they were posing. Rhea’s hair may still be a bit bobbed, but her whiskers and ear hair are in fine form.

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Calm Afterward

The boys have had the garage open most of the last 2 days and have tired themselves out. But even when resting, Sherman has a strange habit of moving around whenever I spot him sleeping.  High over the bathroom door, … Continue reading

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From Above

Sherman is firmly on his rocker. Rhea noticed that I emptied a bin of paper junk mail and decided to check out the situation in the most direct but complicated way, straight down from above.

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Boys Being Boys

Grant and the Marshal were the only ones about – Sherman is in the carriers in the kitchen and Rhea is back upstairs on the bed. Davout was a bit itchy so I gave him the second dose of Revolution … Continue reading

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