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Thanks to the Cat Blogosphere

Today I noticed a flurry of new posts and comments coming in for Harrison coming from this Cat Blogosphere Post or a message I couldn’t locate from Anne of Zoolatry.  The image, made from a picture posted here, looks a lot like … Continue reading

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Farewell to Harrison

The vet visit for Rhea and Harrison was uneventful.  The vet gave Harrison something to try and boost his appetite based on the idea that his issues were just part of the ups and downs of his digestive issues.  But … Continue reading

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A while ago Google Photos insinuated itself onto my computers and started saving pictures to the web.  It doesn’t get in the way and it is nice to see the pictures on other computers. For a while it has been … Continue reading

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Anna Versary

One year ago today I brought Anna home from a local shelter up in the Santa Monica mountains.  I saw her in Petfinder when it I was ready to look for a new cat after Julie’s death.  She was sitting … Continue reading

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Remembering Calpurnia

Two years ago today little Calpurnia, the youngest of the original three cats in ThreeCatYard, was taken off by an unknown disorder.  She was stricken on Friday night, and I had to let her go by early Sunday morning.  It … Continue reading

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Gone Yet Never Forgotten

A year ago today Julius went missing.  All signs point to him having been killed that night by coyotes a few houses down the street.  He was seen to be attacked and a neighbor got him loose.  He survived that, but … Continue reading

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Now We Are Two

One of the advantages of getting a cat from a breeder is that you know their exact birthdays.  Today is Davout’s birthday…he’s two years old.  He’s quite the gentleman now. He came here in December 2013 with his half-sister Rhea from … Continue reading

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Again, Memories

A few of you mentioned that you liked seeing old pictures of Gus from when he was young.  There aren’t a lot, and most aren’t that good, but today is a good day for looking at them. This is Gus … Continue reading

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I’ve been intending for a while to try and get some of my old pictures in order.  I had picked up a scanner a while back to digitize the ones made before digital cameras were around.  She would have been … Continue reading

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Since You’ve Been Gone

A year ago this weekend Calpurnia was stricken with her fatal illness.  She was very anemic and she had a transfusion and came back home but it was more and more clear she was not rallying. The next day, very … Continue reading

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