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How Did it Come to This?

How did it come to Julie being dragged ignominiously back into the house on a pleasant Sunday evening?  And pictures being taken of it, too? It started out with Julius peering out onto the street at the skateboarding kids making … Continue reading

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Sunday Prominade

I let the cats out front, but events conspired to keep them closer to home.  Instead of wandering far, they ended up moving up and down the front walk.  The first obstacle was a pair of skateboarding kids that drove … Continue reading

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Anti-Gardening Post!

If gardening is the growing of plants you intend to grow, I don’t do much of it. Today, I spent some time hacking back plants that I didn’t intend to grow. Example number one is this English Ivy, which has … Continue reading

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Scratching Post

I like to see when Calpurnia stretches out, because she doesn’t actually stretch very much. She’s too compact, unlike, say, Julius who could stretch from here to the next county if he had a mind to. “Cobby” is the technical … Continue reading

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