Calm Evening

Rhea has been hanging out close this evening with me, which is a good thing since when I went up to check on Anna a second time I found I had left the door open.  The gate was closed, but that would not stop Rhea if she was inclined to bust in.

I went up to get some pictures but she was a bit agitated and moving around and things were blurry.  Davout came right up to the door but stayed out of sight in the doorway.

They aren’t all cat videos, but Rhea was a little interested in this one.  The Mythicbells YouTube site has some news – she has some new kittens arrived over the last month or so that are really cute to watch.

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Stay the Course

Davout continues to be popping up and being friendly.  He came up a few times for pets, and then to ask for playtime.

Fierce Kitty

Davout continues to have his crazy whiskers

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Another Visit with Anna

The kittens were pretty laid back tonight, watching Youtube videos on the TV or napping.

Davout did both at different times.

So I went upstairs to take some pictures of Anna.  She has really taken to this old basket.  She meets me at the door and then hops into it every time.

I got her interested in an old harness strap as a play toy.

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Davout Time

It was a nice relaxing day today.  Davout did a new thing twice today – he jumped up onto the arm of the chair I was sitting in and stayed for some pets.  He’s tried coming to the front a few times in the last several days but seemed to lose his nerve when I looked at him.  Coming up from the back makes him braver.

He enjoys a game with a cloth strip.

Especially since he wins.

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Baby Lizard

The kittens were ready to go out back, but when I opened up the door there was the teeniest little lizard waiting outside the door.  Luckily, the cats were not paying attention and I managed to scare the little guy into a safe spot for the day.

Majestic Davout.

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Scary Mouse

I replaced the batteries to the undercover mouse toy, but the kittens were a lot more interested in it when it was off.  Too scary.

They watched from a distance with round eyes.

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Ladylike Combat

I like catching them partway through licking their lips or something so that they have a funny face.

It was Rhea’s turn today to play with the toys while Davout hung back.

Soon she paused to do a bit of grooming.  I noticed she had a few mats and I took the chance to cut them out which she did not like much.

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No Hunting

Davout was a bit upset when I grabbed him away from a spider that ran across the floor when we were playing.  When he folds his ears back, they go all the way back!

The string fights were ok, but the action pictures were blurry.

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Self Assertion

Just to keep up the theme from yesterday, Davout made his feelings known about 11 pm that it was time for pictures.  He mewed at me from the floor as I was finishing up a book.  He knows his rights.

Rhea was in treetop observation mode..

Anna isn’t pictured, but in recent days she has been asserting herself too.  She has tended to pop out of her room when I visit her and explore the neighboring rooms upstairs.  So far there has been no clashes with Rhea, but today when the kittens were out back she came out, until she heard Davout come upstairs too.   She was trotting back when Rhea came in too to see what was up.

To be fair, Rhea wasn’t too eager to charge Anna herself.

Fun time for the little man.

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Perpetual Change

While I’ve been hunting for any signs of big changes in Anna and Rhea’s attitudes, Davout has been changing a lot over the last few weeks.  He’s always been more reserved and retiring out of a mix of caution and young cat independence, but it is getting easier and easier for him to assert himself for demanding things or just for affection.

Not all of these messages he’s been sending are selfish ones – he seems to have a sense of propriety that gets upset if things aren’t going like they should.  I’ve seen him reminding me to work on the blog posts a time or two.   He’s come to both tell me to go to bed if I am up later than normal, or to get up and out of bed if I am sleeping in.  And he often intervenes to keep Rhea from bugging Anna.

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