The Many Faces of Anna

As I mentioned in a comment today, this morning I found that the Feliway mister had run out so I stopped and got a new one after work.  I’m not sure it helps much, but it might.  Before the camera time I was in there with Anna and she sat down next to me on the red sofa.  Sadly just after that Rhea came into the room and started exploring right in front of us and giving Anna long stares.  This made Anna grumpy.

When it was time for pictures, I noticed a lamp bulb was out so I changed it.  As I finished I noticed Davout in this goofy pose.

Anna was up on her shelf by the window so I sat down on the floor in front to get some portrait shots.  Anna was pretty intently watching the door even though it was closed.

This is a little better angle for the face, but the eyes don’t stand out as much.

After a little fun and games, the next look at the door is a bit more relaxed.

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Break Time

I gave Anna something of a break today.  Rather than playing and taking photos I just sat and talked to her a little, low down with her on the sofa.  She was more relaxed than she has been, walking in little circles and chirruping to be admired.

I submitted to Rhea’s demands for some play time of her own.  It is a good way to get nice portraits as she stays very still before launching after a toy.

She’s a beauty!

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Fun with Anna

It was another rainy day outside so there was little to do.  I kept up the treatment where I would go in to visit Anna for short times so that the kittens don’t get too persistent and rude outside.  It seems to be a good tactic…most visits she pops gives me a trill, or a claw sharpening demonstration, or a back arch, or even a yawn.  These seem to be her amiable expressions.

She might be hanging out nearer the door than she was, and holing up in cubbyholes less, outside of the afternoons.  She has always been one to retreat to a dark spot in the afternoon for a snooze.

I did carry her out of the room into my bedroom for a peek at the TV.  Rhea was in there but not n the line of sight.  After a little she started to tense up so I took her back and let her down in the hall in sight of her door.  She went back to the doorway, but paused at the threshold to look around for a bit.

After distracting her with the cord I dropped this rattle toy on her bed.  She’s giving it the bunny kick.

Waiting for the cord to make that one final mistake…

Notice how she is squirming around in the hammock bed?

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A Mighty Huntress, or Two

The afternoon was all about the first huntress, Rhea.  She came upstairs and was announcing her arrival loudly, which usually means she caught something.  And she had…the had fished the old “Da Bird” lure from where I had put it and brought it upstairs to play with.

She hasn’t shown much desire to eat toys so far, but just in case I tucked it in a drawer for safekeeping.  A while later she started to peer over the edge of the drawer of the nightstand, first standing on tiptoe which just got her eyes over the rim.  When that was unsuccessful she pulled herself up and the drawer down by hanging from the front.

Luckily, this is a solid wood drawer and stand so she went up and the stand didn’t go down.  She found it and played some more.  The next time she took a break I picked it up, but this time just placed it on a table openly.  She went right back to the drawer and pulled herself up onto it,  But it wasn’t there, so she was disappointed.  After dinner I relented and gave it to her to play with again, and here I see it has migrated downstairs.

The picture is after she had been spending many minutes beating up that shoebox.  It had been on its back, and closed, but she bullied it open.

Davout was just chilling out.

Anna had a relaxing day as I just went in every so often to give her some pets.  Since I didn’t stay long the kittens didn’t get in her face.  Since they were away, I even carried her out of the room a little and let her find her way back on her own.  She wasn’t too afraid to be out, but was wary of running into a kitten.

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Something to Watch Out For

What does Rhea have her eyes on?

It’s Da Bird!

The last time the toy was out, the lure at the end was mangled to bits and totally ragged. So I rummaged about in the closet to find a replacement end, and found this one.  It is a hit.

Davout was flying chest high in the air after it at first, and if he got hold of it he would carry it off like a prize, dragging me around the room.

Sadly the lighting was such that almost any movement would blur the shot, so many pictures were lost.  Even this one he just moved his head a little.

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Win One, Lose One

Davout is a skittery kitty, but these days he will let me grab him for a minute when I am starting up the computer to input the pictures for the blog post.  He soon wants to go off on his own, though.

Yesterday or the day before I was talking about how I left the door open to Anna’s room and nothing happened.  After I made the post, I went upstairs and Rhea was sitting on the back of the red sofa, about even with Anna’s perch on the futon in the closet.  Anna was growling a little bit, but otherwise they were just sitting together.

Above – Anna defending her nook in the shelves from dangling red cords.

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Hard Life

I accidentally left Anna’s door open a bit this evening but none of the other cats noticed. Anna was in the closet but I’m not sure she noticed it either.  Her closet area is her favorite spot to was after dinner.  I did see her walking around the room later.

I decided to give her a break from pictures, but the kittens weren’t cooperating.  Davout would stay in the dark half of the room which adds a brownish tint to everything…well with better marketing I could call it sepia tone.

Rhea at least came up into the light but when she was intent on playing with a string she wouldn’t look up…

And instead of looking at me she would move a bit and make faces…this is the blank stare.

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Mixed Up Post

Wide Eyed Davout still has some fluff in his mouth…but this post isn’t about that, but about some awards I have gotten recently and not so recently (oops).

This Very Inspiring Blogger Award comes from Hairball Express on January 8, 2015.  I did reply to the notifying comment then but got caught up and let the post slip.  I think that was in the middle my stint of Jury Duty.

I’ve gotten this award 4 previous times, but never before with this nice award image so thank you very much, Hair!

Yesterday Anna heard something…or someone coming from behind…..

…but forget that for a moment, I got two awards today from D. Dominik Wickles from the eponymous blog D. Dominik Wickles, Romance Author.  The first is the Real Neat Blog Award which apparently is not given for carpet cleaning as my pictures clearly demonstrate.  She has seven questions….

My Questions for My Blog Nominees:

  • Would you rather read a book or watch tv? What are some of your favorites? – These days the choice seems to be listen to books or watch Youtube on the TV. Of that two, books.  Mostly abstruse History, some Science Fiction or Fantasy Fiction.
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl? – Lately, both.
  • Where have you traveled and do you have a favorite place/trip? – England, Germany, France, Israel, Eastern and Central USA.  I suppose the places I travelled most to on my own power were to Civil War sites on the Eastern US and South.
  • Do you have any pets? Three Cats.
  • Do you believe in romance? – In theory.
  • Would you rather get a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine? - Neither really floats my boat.
  • If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy? – I’ve never bought a lottery ticket.

I hope you like the answers, Dee.  Thank you very much for the award!


…surprise, it was Rhea.  She had rushed forward and pounced not on Anna, but at Anna, stopping just out of smacking range with a tough posture.  Pretty grim look there!

The other award is…the Premio Dardos Award!

Rules for the Premio Dardos Award:

Premio dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

Well, I’m not so sure of the cultural and literary value here, but it is an interesting coincidence that my top non-English speaking nation for views here  is Spain.  They are 4th overall, although they are in a tough fight with Australia for the spot.  Thank you again, Dee!

…Anna gave Rhea the business right back until Rhea backed up a little, after which Anna jumped up onto the window shelf for a bit more distance.

Rhea doesn’t seem very sorry for the trouble she caused.


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Rainy Days

It has been cold and rainy here the last few days, so the action is all inside and dark. Here’s Davout peeking up onto the bed.

Rhea flopping on a towel bed…

Anna with a catnip ball toy…

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Five Years On

This weekend marks the fifth year since I adopted Calpurnia – on February 20, 2010.  This picture is from her last gotcha day before she died about 6 months later in November 2013.  She and Gus had a very hard time integrating after a promising start that year which ended up taking to the end of the year to resolve.  So that might be a lesson for Anna and Rhea’s situation.

I had only had two cats for the previous 25 years or more, most of that with cats that lived 20, 12, and 17 years and 13 years.  I had moved to reading more cat sources on the internet in recent years as an antidote for increasingly fractious talk elsewhere and the recession had put more cats in the pounds to boot.  So I decided to get a third cat.

There were annoyingly many false starts in what is supposed to be an easy process and eventually I used Petfinder to locate a couple candidates in a shelter about 25 miles off in the San Fernando valley.  Nobody there seemed to know about the second candidate but I found Calpurnia and adopted her.

She had been somewhat neglected since she had absurd matting by all four legs to the point where she couldn’t freely sit down – her front and back legs were manacled to each other by mats.  Even though she could hardly move freely she could vault herself up to the topmost shelf in the room, as I found out when I visited her a bit later after she had time to adjust.  The ceiling is about a foot above her head there.

On her last day, just before I took her to be euthanized she shook off her illness for a moment and did that same leap to the top shelf one last time.

As soon as I could I got her a horrible haircut to remove the mats.  She had to be shaved aside from a two or three inch wide swath on the top – back which hung down like a combover for months until it grew out.   She spent a long time rolling over and stretching for me when we got back home – she loved being able to move like a cat again.

I wanted to take more pictures, and even got a new camera.  With the other issues I found the pictures were slacking off.  I decided to make a blog like those I had been reading as an impetus to keep me taking pictures.  I guess it worked since I have been posting daily and taking pictures almost daily since I started in April 2011.

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