Whisker City

Davout was being something of a grump, but his whiskers came out to play.

Rhea came over to see what was going on.

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Crazy Combat

The kittens are in a tussling mood.

Rhea kept biting and kicking at my fingers under the cat bed.

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Starring Davout

Davout got a chance for a quick dash out back today.  He did a great job balancing out the rock path.

Later he was ready for some playtime.

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Quiet Night


Davout had a bit of an interesting night.  When I gave Anna dinner, he snuck in so I left him in there with her for about an hour.  When I came back he was curled up by the sofa watching her and she was calmly resting by the window.

Of course, Rhea would have led to a quite different sequence of events.

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Wideband and Lightness

Today I had the camera out during daylight hours.  Rhea naturally posed with the window behind which gave a nice effect.

Anna got another shot at hanging out with me while I got ready.  She discovered this pile of throw rugs in the bathtub ready for handwashing with a few knocked down clothes on top and just loved sitting on them.  She kept rubbing her cheeks on the clothes the whole time.

I told you I liked this backlight effect!

One of the errands I went out on was to visit a shelter in the Valley that had a striking cat up for adoption.  It was a supposed Persian-Ragdoll mix.  I’m not so sure about the Ragdoll part because it was a tiny thing – smaller than Rhea and supposedly almost the same age. Ragdolls are normally large cats.

She looked a lot like Rhea, too, at least in pattern – but the colored parts where very light and ethereal – but not color shifted like a dilute.  The eyes were a sea-green color.  So I visited the storefront that the shelter has.

The color difference is that every hair is pure white for about half to two thirds of the shaft before the normal color kicks in.  I parted her fur and made sure that was what was going on.  So the color lies on a pure white base.  A more extreme version of this is a chinchilla or shaded silver cat – which would be black or tabby, except for the color only exists at the very tip.  This is thought to be controlled by the wideband gene, which also seems to give that green color to the eyes.

This shelter had had about a half-dozen similar cats – apparently a hoarder/breeder had gone bust and put a lot of quality cats on the market at once.

Davout has appreciated the nice weather this weekend – the house has been opened up and he has been able to get his fill.  Even on this tree the door is just off to the side and open.

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Weeks End

This morning I got things started early as I wanted to run some errands.  But Anna got her time outside in my room.  Davout was allowed in too which she wasn’t too keen on but she only slowly retired to the closet.  Later Davout followed her there and got a hiss that sent him packing.

A bit later I went to check on her and she was missing.  A look around didn’t find her…then I heard a bit of noise.  She had walked onto the lower curtain rod in the closet and sat on one of the supports to be completely hidden behind clothes.

I did some garden trimming an kept the door open.  The kittens enjoyed going in and out since it was sunny, but not overly hot.  Rhea did not abuse the privilege.

Here she is rushing by to get inside again.  She made a habit for a while of rushing in, then rushing out.

Davout just heard the “whoosh” as she ran by!

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Anna’s Nice Day

I did a little bit for Anna today…except take pictures of her.  In the morning, I brought her out into my room while I got dressed.  She was bolder – rather than just curling up in the closet she walked around checking things out and making little chirping noises, climbing up onto things and checking out corners.

Then tonight I brought Davout into her room for a visit.  She was sitting on the back of the sofa in a comfy spot, and I put Davout down on the arm across from her.  She did hiss at him a time or two, but she didn’t run or put a lot of effort into it.

Davout stood and pivoted back, not running off but not messing with her.  It was a nice thing to see.

Rhea was looking very nice tonight.

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I’m really liking this Google Photos app set.  There are lots of apps that load pictures to the cloud, but not on every platform, cell, tablet, or whatever.  But what I like is that it has an assistant that looks at old pictures and makes collages, groups up photos and even makes a little movie with background music all by itself.

Sure, you can make one too, or edit the one they make.

But here is the spooky part.  When I added this to all my computers, it uploaded some old pictures of some trips I took.  Then Google pulled some tricks — it started labelling the group with a map showing travel.  It has to have figured out where I was by matching the pictures with other images.  There’s no GPS tagging on a ten year old bit image.

OK, so figuring I was in London and Paris is not a shock.  It did recognize the British Museum from the front, and Tower of London.  It recognized Bath from the Bath, and Stonehenge from a Rock.

But then it did one from California and yes, it got San Francisco.   But it also got a state park site correct from a picture of a cut off log display!  Almost spooky.

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Patio Party

For a change I got back home before it was dark so I let the kittens out back.  There was a bird perched on the wall so instead of rushing out Davout decided to camp and keep an eye on it.

Rhea was even more circumspect, hanging back and giving me the look.  Hey, there’s a first.  You can see the notch in her fur on the front foot from the tooth operation.

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Flashback Post – TV Time

The Date:  1-24-2011

It is quite a coincidence that the first two random dates should both have cat haircut memories behind them.  This is still a few months before I started the blog, and in a gap of picture taking of about a month.  This slackening off was a major reason I would start up in April.

Calla had grown in her hair from her post-adoption partial shave and I got her cut again, although I had to find a new groomer to do it.  This cut is called a “Teddy Bear” which just cuts all the hairs about as long as a shorthair cat has.

I had just gotten a new TV that day.  The first TV I got had a broken band on it that made a black bar on the image.  I had to trade it in for another one.  In the first shot Calla is sitting on one of the packing sheets in the box.  Here she is upstairs at the top of the stairs.

Gus’ Feliway issues are behind us by a few weeks – he was off it, and off the drugs he used to calm him while we cut him off.

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