Shaved Calico Cat

For whatever reason, this year has been a rough one for the longhaired cats.  All the boys and Rhea have been having a lot of large hairballs, and Rhea even had a big wad of hair get stuck being pooped out and require a bath, and she was forming mats as well.  I got some hairball lube and gave them all a dose, but I thought Rhea needed to get a haircut and get those mats cleared up.

In the last day I felt some scabs on her shoulders and neck and thought it was likely she had fleas too.  When the vets confirmed this she had to get a more complete shavedown, a lion cut.

Sadly for Rhea, she has a bit of reaction to the Revolution dose — it makes her drool like a gusher for quite a few minutes.  You can see a couple of the shoulder scabs here at the top of the shoulder.

All the other cats got a dose too later at home.  They only dislike it a little.

She’s been a bit reserved this evening mostly because they gave her a bit of sedation and she’s feels more comfy a bit more isolated from the boys than normal.

You can see the zones of her various fur colors right on the skin…white, creme and blue.

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Anna and Grant

Anna was torn today, as Sherman came up to the door to visit then backed off. She knew someone was out there and was uncertain to explore or stay.  She compromised by watching out the door from the sofa.

With Sherman off, Grant was the first visitor.  Davout came up soon but stayed by the door.  Nevertheless, Anna decided that the high platform was safest.

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Sunday Bits

I was wondering who was pulling bits of packaging out onto the floor this last week.

I’ve seen Davout on the counter, but this is the first time I’ve seen him only halfway up.

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Warm and Lazy

Rhea is very rumpled today after her nap.

Grant is sleepy but prim and proper.

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One thing with getting a new cellphone is that you must redo a lot of apps..and I don’t add that many.

Just trying out a WordPress App and its new editor.

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Nap Time

The cats were forming a ring around the room.  Grant and Rhea were up high on one wall, atop the bookshelves.   She gave me a yawn of greeting that I managed to get a picture of.

I remember when Gus and Julie were alive, how they would alternately be attracted to the pointed angle of the carpet/flooring seam.  Davout lately has become attracted to it as well, and he doesn’t like being out in the open in the first place.

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Monday, Monday

Marshal D and his crazy whiskers took a nap just where I could reach down and ruffle his tummy fur.

Catching up on some old shots…

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Grant suddenly decided he liked this chair arm.

Anna prefers sofa back sides.

Anna has two moods outside her room.  Ecstasy and Anxiety.

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Anna’s World

Anna has been taking the chance to explore more often.  She will walk right past Sherman with only a little trepidation and even when she’s exploring his following her only bothers her a little.

The only difficulty is that she can decide to tuck under a bed or hard to reach spot, and so far I don’t want to leave her out at night or when I work.

In the pictures she’s not exploring for a change.

There was an interesting incident this morning.  Rhea decided to poke into Anna’s room but Anna heard her and went up to her safe spot.  Sherman was around the sofa from Rhea and she pounced around the corner and make a slappy attack on poor Sherman while Anna watched from above.

Like a lot of her slappy attacks Rhea was smacking the carpet near his nose with claws out rather than trying to hit him and hissing, so no harm was done.  Sherman soon went into therapy cat on her and started following her about in a non threatening way while she tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

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Patio Time

There was some daylight left so I let the cats out back.  It was muggy again, but no panting problems from Sherman.  He didn’t rush around, just strolled about eating plants.

Grant rolled about on the warm concrete.

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