Face Time

Davout is still acting the guardian of the pride downstairs.  There was a funny moment the other day when the door into the garage slammed due to wind (there is always some open grills in garages near the floor in California in case the gas lines get ripped open by an earthquake).

Luckily all the boys were inside, or close enough to scamper in ahead of it, but Davout was the one closest to the door despite his cautious nature.

Rhea was in the living room and was pretty curious, sitting up high trying to get a view of what was happening.  But not so curious as to get up off of the folded laundry and see.

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Calm Afterward

The boys have had the garage open most of the last 2 days and have tired themselves out. But even when resting, Sherman has a strange habit of moving around whenever I spot him sleeping.  High over the bathroom door, on top of my car, in the kitchen…whenever I spot him in a spot I find he’s moved a few minutes later.

I’m not sure if he moves as much if I don’t spot his spots.

Rhea on her little throne stool.

She had a bit of a surprise the other day.  She was on her leisurely climb around three sides of the dining room for food on the kitchen counter, when Sherman jumped up and took over.  I got them sharing the plate, but she was very shocked at the event!

You snooze you lose.

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Bath Night

Grant did his flopping in front of Davout a few times today.  The earlier ones led to Davout moving off, but this time was rewarded.  He started on the top of the noggin…

…and ended up on the bottom.  Davout is a good older brother.

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Settling In

With the waning of kittenhood for the Generals, the cats are settling into a new set of patterns and responsibilities.

Davout seems to be the downstairs guard cat.  He shifts between hanging out by one of the three entrances – front door, back door and garage.  Even when the inside garage door is open, he has been guarding the entryway and not exploring it himself.  He leaves that for the others.

Sherman is still the psychologist, though he has slowed down in pressing himself at Anna as much.  He still races ahead to meet her at the door and she won’t hiss at him, but after that he usually retires to the hallway rather than press inside.

He does still come running when somebody is upset.  Davout had a few chest mats cut out, and Anna some too so there was a late night shave session that had him hopping.

Grant has settled down some too.  He’s the dinner monitor, rushing down and flopping about on the kitchen floor like a fish while the cans are opened.  He’s still doing a little bit of his annoying rubbing across Rhea’s face on the way down for breakfast but it only takes a mild paw swipe to make him sorry for it.  When she moves on, he jumps up and will likely do it again in five steps, though.

He’s still a strange combination of wild and tame.  A nervous cat will dodge away or keep their distance, but relax if captured.  Grant will hang fairly close, but if caught will be struggling the entire time.  If you let him go, he takes a step or two and comes right back nearby.  It’s like being held is a moral outrage rather than frightening.

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Late Nite

Its late, but Davout is still awake…but lying down anyway.

Rhea’s a bit tired on the fridge.

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Sherman in a Basket

Sherman decided burrowing into the laundry basket would be a great thing, even though they weren’t warm.

Close up!

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Bad Camera

Strange day, took a mess of pictures but the camera mis-focused most of them.

Davout for some reason decided to stake out the door to the garage so that if I came close he would run out there.  If I backed off he would stay in the doorway.

I had a bunch of pictures of Sherman playing come out bad, but Grant always looks good wild eyed.

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High Energy

I caught Sherman in the middle of a yawn.

Davout was going all out for the cat toy….

Its all just a blur!

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Little Trip

Was off on a day trip and the cats weathered it pretty well.  Rhea got a little case of the zoomies when things were settled, and perched on the shelf outside the steps too to be more visible.

Grant might have been a little more wild when held than before, but otherwise was fine.

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From Above

Sherman is firmly on his rocker.

Rhea noticed that I emptied a bin of paper junk mail and decided to check out the situation in the most direct but complicated way, straight down from above.

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