Outside Time

Rhea protests the signal to come inside by curling into a C shape when I carry her back.  It makes an interesting picture!

Davout begged to go out and then he just sits here.  It cools down fast as the sun heads down so I had to cut it short.

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Missing In Action

Why are the kittens looking tired?

Because they have been following me all around the house up and down stairs looking for a missing cat….Harrison.

He followed me downstairs earlier right on my heels and pried open a cabinet while I was looking in another direction and took a nap in there.  Stinker.

Anna missed some playtime but was wondering why I kept peeking in on the off-chance someone had gone in there.

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Growing Accustomed…

Everyone is getting used to the current abnormal normal.  The new cat is no longer a continuous fascination but something to watch or dodge around when doing your own thing.

For the kittens, the disarray of the furniture has passed from providing mountains to climb to the new favorite game of providing wide open spaces to charge and pounce on each other.  You can get up quite a bit of speed across the room before pouncing.

The new dose of Feliway has seemed to take some of the edge off of Anna’s grumpiness.  She’s about the same as before now, even when Rhea rushes in and starts a big fracas.

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Anna’s Turn

There’s been a few mild indications that Anna is relaxing from her hissy fits earlier in the month.  She’s sitting closer to the door rather than in her cubbies or up by the window.  I gave her some treats by the door and she ate a few before Davout on the other side of the door raised her ire.

She jumped up to the sofa top rather than go off and hide, which is a step.

Harrison had his ear-drop medicine from me and took it fairly well.  He is eating like a champ but outside of that was a bit sleepy tonight.

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Bills of Health

Today I drove by the vet’s place and found it open and made a quick appointment for Davout and Harrison.  Davout needed a check on the healing of his dental, and I wanted a check on Harrison too.

Davout’s teeth are fine.

I’ve been a bit concerned about Harrison because of his continued snuffles, and in addition he’s had some soft stools the last few days.  Given his low weight, I figured it was  better to be over-cautious than otherwise.

So the good news is that he doesn’t seem to have a URI to speak of.  And his weight is up to 6.2 pounds.  The papers I have say that he was below 5 pounds when I got him, so he’s filling out some despite not looking it.

The less good news is that his ears were full of gunk and ear mites.  I had to use anti-flea stuff on everyone just in case.  Rhea especially hates it…she runs around and squints and drools like a fountain for about a half hour when it is applied to her back.

The vet cleaned out most of the gunk and Harrison has drops for the rest.

She also looked at his teeth and they are pretty bad and will have to come out, probably next month.  This will get him some recovery time to fatten up.

The vet, like me, wonders if Harrison might be an Exotic, or short-hair Persian cat.  It might be a very complete short cut…but it might not.  Even an Exotic will have a fuller coat than Harrison is sporting right now.

Rhea was happy to see everyone back, once she stopped drooling.

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Day of Chaos

Today I took up the long deferred task of cleaning the downstairs carpets.  I can usually depend on the cats to keep a wide berth but Harrison had different ideas.  He kept showing up in a sunbeam as if magnetically attracted.

The furniture was pushed and piled to the sides to clear the high traffic areas.  This was of great interest to the kittens.  The ottoman with the toy is stacked on top of the sofa.

The kittens are a lot less perturbed by cleaning machines than Gus and Julius were.  Davout keeps the widest distance, but Rhea stays just out of range.  Harrison goes where he wants no matter what howling machine is in use.  A little more respect would be welcome.

An annoying thing is that my cleaner seems to have broken – no soapy water was being spread.  I had to go get my spot cleaner and crawl around on the floor.

Once the noise ends, the piles of furniture in odd places are of great interest to everyone.

Harrison relaxes on a pile of throw carpets.

He decided that this afternoon would be a good time to eat,  polishing off 2 and a half small cans.  In between, he came and napped on my lap a time or three.

He’s been getting more affectionate at night too.  A day last week he wanted to sleep in the bed.  I was a bit concerned about squishing him, although I don’t move when sleeping much if at all.  I put him up near the top on a pillow and he put his cheek on mine and was there all night.  He’s done that a couple of times since but only for a short time.

Rhea discovers the down side of moving stuff for cleaning.

But I can be enticed to move all that stuff to another spot for her.


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Nice Guys Finish Last

Davout was a little miffed today.  He had to avoid his favorite napping spot.  Why for????

Harrison moved right in.  Not only that, but after eating his double sized breakfast upstairs he came down and ate the little can that Davout shares with Rhea.  Then he stole the sleeping spot.

So why can’t Davout just go to his second favorite spot?


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Downstairs, Upstairs

When I got home from work today it took the longest time to find Harrison.  This was one of the reasons I kept him shut up in his own room at first, just to keep him located better.

I still don’t know exactly where he was, but at some point he was silently following me about as I peeked about looking for him.

His vote, of course, is to stay out and about.  He can make it up the stairs on his own, if he doesn’t get too tired out.  His episodes of zonking out seem less striking, being replaced by more standard cat sleeps.  He still seems to sleep very soundly at times, and wakes with a start if you touch him then.

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Bouncing Back

Harrison is feeling better, although he managed to worry me some by not eating much and seeming extra sniffly.  I gave him the last bit of anti-biotics I had and he did have a huge amount of food this evening.  In fact, he’s stealing some dry food right now.

I didn’t put him into his room and close the door last night, and just at bedtime he jumped up on the bed and slept, snoring all night next to me.  I threw in the towel and left the door open when I went to work too.

When I came home and was cleaning up and getting his dinner he tagged along and came all the way downstairs.  I then had to lead him back upstairs with the plate.  He has this funny habit of ignoring a plate of food, then if I pick it up and show it to him at eye level digging in and eating it.

I tried to get him interested in playing again but he was pre-empted by Rhea…

And so was Davout, who I was trying to lure closer until Rhea jumped in between.

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Feeling Poorly

Harrison has been feeling a little poorly this evening.  He slept most of the evening and capped it off by throwing up.  Hopefully he bounces back soon.

Anna was sitting down with her feet on this washcloth.  This is new.

I found a little cat toy I hadn’t used before.  Rhea was interested….

The playing attracted Davout’s notice.

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