Good Kitty or Bad Kitty?

I started out with this picture tonight, but when I went into Anna’s room to take more shots, Rhea had gone in before me.

Anna was glaring at her (then without these treats), but only a little growling.

Rhea was down here staring up…I’m not sure if this is a coincidence but this area is where Anna likes to jump down from her shelf.

Anna wasn’t so flustered as to pass up treats entirely.  She did growl around them as she ate them, though.

I gave Rhea some too.  She did a long and low snake like stretch action to get at them without moving too far.

Then she went back to her watching spot.

Anna sat up higher to get a better view.

I tried distracting Rhea with some string.  She kept to her spot for quite a while

This is what Anna had in her grill all the time!

Poor Davout was so nervous far on the other side of the room, as he thought all the growls were meant for him.  When Rhea backed off, he did come in quite a bit closer than usual and Anna ignored him.  He got his share of treats, too.

So is Rhea a good kitty or bad one?


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Common Enemy?

I was a bit worried that Anna would not come out of a hidey hole for pictures today but when I did some cleaning up she came out and popped onto the sofa.

Pretty Lady.

Davout was there soon for a serving of treats and a session with the banana.

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Open House

Good Kitty Outside

This weekend I’ve opened up Anna’s door, and the door into the Garage, and for part of the day the back door too.  Anna only suffered one invasion by Rhea in the morning which didn’t cause a lot of drama.  When I went in after hearing Anna growl some Rhea was just down by the corner of the couch staring at her.  No fur flew, and Rhea left her alone after that.

I did some trimming using a new branch cutter tool I bought to trim some of my unruly trees.  It worked pretty well…

Garden Mess

…although it made the yard look even more of a disaster area with fallen branches all over.

I cleared a lot of the fallen stuff away and went in for a few minutes, and of course Rhea went over the wall by climbing the tree.

Bad Kitty Outside

I had to go fetch her from the pool area.  Rhea didn’t even notice that there was a lady on one of the chairs by the pool lounging.  I don’t think the lady noticed Rhea, or me when I went in and got her.  Too intent on her cell phone.

Weather the Storm

At treat time, the kittens take their lace right by the banana.

Anna is Mostly Good

Anna was a bit grumpy, but was mostly unimpressed by them.

Treat Monsters

Kittens like treats…

Expectant Cats

Can we have some more?

Quizzical Rhea

Rhea came a bit too close and got growled at.  She then retreated to the catnip banana.

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The Here and Now

Peek-a-Boo Davout

In between the concentration on the past, the normal pattern has continued with Anna and the kittens.  I’ve been opening the door more, pulling her out every so often, and she’s reacted more or less the same as usual.  Some hissing, some growling, nothing major.

Now this was more surprising – Davout sticking his head up over the edge of the bed.  He didn’t come up any higher, even when I used a lure.

Partway Up

There are some stairstep bookshelves on that side set up to help Gus climb up easier when he wanted to.

Anna Belle

I went in to take pictures with Anna later and she soon caught sight of Rhea coming in…


Rhea got caught eating a treat!

Kitten Detector

Anna stares with some growling…

Eye Contact

Rhea stares back without growling…

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Again, Memories

A few of you mentioned that you liked seeing old pictures of Gus from when he was young.  There aren’t a lot, and most aren’t that good, but today is a good day for looking at them.

This is Gus as a teenage kitten, in late 1997.  Note he’s missing his ruff.  This picture is actually a scan of a ancient color printer copy of a photo.  I was seeing if this was cheaper or better than getting photo copies made.  I’m not sure where the originals have gone.

The fridge is the same, but this is in the apartment I lived in before moving to this house in 2000.

Here he is a few months later, sleeping.

And as a ferocious hunter in 1998.

These shots have been on the blog before, years ago.  I forget the exact date, but it is after the move here.

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I’ve been intending for a while to try and get some of my old pictures in order.  I had picked up a scanner a while back to digitize the ones made before digital cameras were around.  She would have been 16 in this picture.  Gus, behind her, is about 1.

This is a time of year that I always think about my cat Cassiopeia a lot.  I was spending the summer in St. Louis in 1982 and found a small black kitten that had been abandoned.  It died a few days later.  A friend suggested that I go to a local shelter and adopt a kitten, and  I found here there.  She was a blue creme tortie with only a few touches of white – a locket on the chest and a tiny tail-tip.

I remember they gave me a cardboard carrier for her.  I tried using it when I had to take her back a bit later for shots, but I didn’t have a ride and she tore the top off the box on the way.  I had to buy a carrier there for the way back.  I still have it.

A few years back when I made Zazzle cartoons of Gus, Julie, and Calla I made one of Cassie.   Her eyes had a narrow rim of bright green next to the iris that showed up very strongly when her pupils were big and round.

This is from September 1997.  When I was thinking about new cats after Calpurnia died a few years ago, Rhea struck me because she was a blue-creme too.  Cassie was fairly mild mannered but had a stubborn streak in her.  I suppose Rhea does too.

Most of Cassie’s life was spent with another cat, Angelina.  When she died in 1997, I went out and adopted Gus.

It is hard to remember that Gus was once a little fellow.  Gus was a bit of a mismatch for Cassie due to the age difference, but things settled down as he got older.

This is from about a year later, late in 1998.  It is just after Cassie suffered some partial paralysis in her back legs and she had to learn to walk with her back legs spread a bit wide to keep upright.  It looks like she is scared Gus will bite her, but he’s just yawning.  Even so, Cassie was a bit more cautious around him as she grew frailer with increasing age.  Gus always was hard for other cats to understand.

She decided it was time to depart in 2002, just after her 20th birthday.  She stopped eating and walking on the weekend but was otherwise alert.  I dropped her off the vet for some tests but she let herself go almost at once.  She died on April 15.  It was just like her to not be any trouble, even on her last day.

When I adopted Julius a few months later, Gus passed on many of the customs and habits Cassie started down to him.  I still see those customs in use by Rhea and Davout today.

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Major Steps?

Today I did the common thing and opened the door for dinner, and dragged Anna out down the hall.  I plunked her down at the end of the hall and even though Davout was near she didn’t hiss at him but went back to her room.  This was heartening.

Later, I opened the door then went down for the camera.  When I came back up she was by the open door rather than hiding or up on a high place.

Then even though the kittens were at the other end of the hall, she came out a few steps and explored.  This is just about the first time since December that she has left that room of her own free will.

She didn’t stay long, but she didn’t hiss at the other cats either.

Rhea was nice and avoided chasing her.

She then went to the couch for playtime and snacks.

The kittens took up their accustomed spots inside the room…

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Monday, Monday

Isn’t he the cutest thing evar?

No time tonight for big outside adventures, but the pattern of the evening seems to becoming more comfortable for everyone.

Rhea giving the red cord the eye after Anna was done with it.

Minutes earlier Anna had some playtime and some petting time without thinking about the kittens.

Taking the swipe!

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Turnabout Day

I felt a bit bad yesterday for not letting the kittens out after Anna had her turn – Davout especially was poking his nose out through the blinds on the back door the entire time.  So today, at a better time for photos (later in the afternoon where the sun doesn’t blank out the viewfinder quite so much), I let the kittens out.

It wasn’t very warm, but otherwise sunny.  There was a bit of a wind that sometimes rankled the kittens by fluffing up their fur the wrong way.  When I got myself out there, they were standing side by side on one of the rocks.

This little fellow was also out.  Since I’m not trying to keep flowers that they like to kill alive, like marigolds, I left him alone rather than pitch him out.

Davout doesn’t look too thrilled to be outside, though he really is.

Rhea tracked a loud bird for some time.

There’s a little nicer picture of the Marshal Davout.

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A Change of Pace

I’ve been wondering for a while how Anna would react about going outside.  The weather hasn’t been cooperative, but today I tried it out.  It was around noon and the sun made it hard to frame pictures well.  At the shelter when  I adopted her she was outside a lot and seemed to have her little spots to sit in.

She reacted well enough – she didn’t freak out, but did seem a little worried at the closed door to the house.   I had closed the door to keep the kittens from getting in her face.

She did a bit of exploring, giving off little meeping meows every so often.  She poked into corners a little bit before I relented and took her back in.  When I set her down inside on the stairs she went right back to her room, but not as if she was scared.

I did have to make a dramatic snatch at Rhea who had instantly started off in pursuit of Anna to avoid a little drama.

Anna seemed to forgive me by the end of the day.

She does like to do some finger grooming.

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