Davout Backyard Party

Davout Toof

It was very nice outside today and I sat outside with them to enjoy the air.  Davout was the closest and got some nice pictures.

Nice Davout

Baby Blue Eyes

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Hands Out

Hands Out Rhea

The weather has warmed up at there’s been more outside time for the cats.  Rhea has been good and not jumped the wall.  She’s vanished a time or two but was hidden inside the yard each time.  It certainly will make Davout and Sherman happier if they get more outside time.

Hand Out Davout

Poor Marshal D had a scary time the other day.  He ducked out into the garage when I was bringing stuff in when I hadn’t closed the garage door.  When I hit the control to close it, he got real scared and tried to go into the house through the cat door, which was blocked.

Poor guy kept ramming his head into the flap.  I could get him to calm down by holding him down, but when I tried to open the entire door he would get loose and bonk his head some more.

He calmed down once it was all finished, and is fine now.  It is just a reminder of how high strung he naturally is and what he puts aside to be the wise elder cat for the others.

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Checking Things Out

Table Top Davout

I was home yesterday afternoon and the cats got a bit of outside time.  Davout has tried getting some elevation on the tabletop recently.

Lizard Hunter?

I’m not sure if this proves he’s the hunter, but he seemed really interested in this one little spot.

Rhea the Bold

There was a service guy in and Rhea did her thing of following him around to every room watching what he was getting up to.

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Four Together

Outside Time

It was very nice outside the last few days but especially today.  One good sign recently is that Rhea has reduced her attempts to get outside the yard.  Of course every time I write something like that she makes a new break for it.

Someone….maybe Grant since I caught him sniffing at the area later…brought in a detached lizard tail and left it on the floor.  It’s been a while since I had a hunter.

Shade Granted

They all retired to the shady area since it was midafternoon and there were scary people in the pool area.

By Popular Request

There were some requests for Davout before.  He’s here and still fretting about what the others are up to.  He’s in charge but only rarely pushy.

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Sassy Sherman

Coy Sherman

It has been a while since an update here.  No radical changes, just a bit of mellowing, especially with the younger cats.  Sherman picks his spots to show it, but at times he loves to come and have a bit of gentle wrestles and nibbles with my fingers.

There have been a lot of trips out back for all of the cats.  Rhea is reducing her instinct to jump over the wall somewhat, and Grant is getting brave enough to enjoy hanging out with the other cats.

Anna on a Visit

Even Anna is getting somewhat accustomed to joining some of the evenings downstairs.  Rhea even gives her space and takes the chance to visit her room while she’s down.  Who knows if she will ever be relaxed enough to mix in normally, but she’s starting to not hate being out with the others.

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The cats got an extra treat today after dinner.  Lots of licking of chops afterward.


The other day Rhea went over the wall to the pool next door.  At least it wasn’t into the wild or other people’s yard.  I think she smelled something since when I got after her she was sniffing at a dead baby bird someone had dropped.

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Backyard Boys

Boys in the Yard

The cats had a bit of a day out today, as it was warm if a bit damp.  The milder fellows perched on the brick rails to keep the feet dry.

Nap Time

I brought Anna down to the cage downstairs.  Rhea actually was sitting at the door when I brought her down and the two actually meowed at each other in a non hostile way before I moved Rhea aside to get Anna in the box.   Rhea actually went upstairs to rummage around in her room rather than hang out where Anna is.

The boys did get a hiss or two from Anna, but she was a lot milder with them too.

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Tucked In

Tucked In

I came up to the desk and Sherman had found the cubby behind computer to tuck himself into.  It is a little bit bigger than a sheet of paper, but he got all the way in.

Julie used to do this every so often too.  I recall Calla doing it a bit as well.

Cozy Kitten

He’s a odd mix of contrary traits – personable but not pushy, and sometimes needs his own time to recharge.

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The Boys

Davout da Boye

Just some pictures of the boys. First, the Marshal, the overseer of the gang.  He took on the responsibility when the older boys died even though it went against his nature.  He spends a lot of time watching over us all and guarding us at night.

Grant Outside

I finally got Grant to go outside, often he is too nervous to go when the others explore.

Zoom Face

Watching from the cat tree top….

Snoozy Sherman

Meanwhile Sherman can relax if there aren’t upset cats to talk down.

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Boy Cat in Cage

Grant in Cage

Anna’s cage is down in the middle of the floor when she’s not using it.  Today I made it the center of play with the feather, and Grant went right in to get close to it.

Feather Toy Play

A little challenge is good for us all.

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