Boring Kitties

These days we all are stuck in a bit of a rut.  After dinner the cats all go to their spots and hang out, cleaning up and napping.

Sherman usually picks a corner, or out in the garage to sit in.  Then if I get up he takes my chair away.

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Naps and Non-Naps

Another dental thing this week so less messing around with the cats aside from the most general things.  I tried buying a Thundershirt for Anna, which didn’t fit her, so that experiment went for nothing.

I was going to let the cats out back for a bit Saturday but when I opened the door someone had left a big dead rat outside the door.  Not one of my cats, so I wonder what neighborhood cat was hanging out there.

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Good Looks

Sherman puts out his movie-star looks for you all.

Blue eyed cloud cat Davout

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Dress Rehersal

Today I was sitting around and decided to do a full blog session using the new portable.  I had gotten all the photos off the old system in the last few days and imported into the program.  Not all the pictures, which are on other drives, but it did go back to 2013.

Since it was more spur-of-the-moment, the only cat around was Rhea, who had been sitting on my lap a little and hanging out nearby.   Davout was watching the cat door to the garage, which he does if someone is out there a lot of the time.

Rhea is very amusing with the backscratcher claw.  She will go for it, but very slowly and deliberately.  Almost in slow motion.

It went all right.  With time I can probably use presets to apply the standard color changes to the photos when I import them.  They did have some special settings for the lens on my camera, although I didn’t see a lot of visual impact from them.

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Years back I picked up this cat bed from Etsy.  It got some use by Calla and the others and then fell out of use.  Recently she started using it, as well as using the middle section of a cat tower that no cat has ever used very often.

Dug out a backup drive and am transferring photos to the new computer.  Quite a few of them on this drive, and more elsewhere to hunt down.

Sherman doesn’t always look frumpy.

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Practice Post

It is past time that I start using my new portable – things just seem to take a long time on my current one that is getting old.  I also need to get a new card for the camera or offload the files from the current one since it takes my current photo software a long time to scan through it.

What complicates things even more is that Picasa, the free photo software I have used is well past dead.  Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a clear successor.  I ended up picking Cyberlink Photo Director 9.  It is a paid program rather than a free one, and has lots of crazy photo editing features that I likely won’t use much.  But other programs that cost more seemed not to have simple watermarking and size reduction, which is most of what I need for the blog.

Picasa managed to autodetect the background color and pick a white text / black text automagically.  This one doesn’t seem to do that, so I may have to live with bad contrast or make two kinds of watermarks and do that manually.  It does have crazy options for graphic, and partial opacity.

These pictures are from 2013, among the earliest on the old hook or by crook.  I don’t have all the pictures on any one machine, although a version of all pictures is on Google Photos at least.  This program also has its own cloud storage option with some reserved storage that would be at full resolution.

Well, I’ll likely figure it out eventually, but I really should get to where I can use the faster machine sooner rather than later.

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Grant and Wideband

I’ve gotten a few comments about Grant’s coloring – shaded golden.  Not the most perfect golden by breeder rules, but striking nonetheless.  The first thing you need to see is that he’s a tabby cat to start with.  He’s also a British Shorthair.

It is a bit more apparent when looking at this kitten picture of his from the breeder.  There are more visible stripes and more black stripes than he has now.  From what I’ve seen of golden kittens, at birth he would have been much more like a standard tabby in looks.

Tabby cats have two kinds of hairs – solidly colored ones that form the stripes, and agouti hairs that have horizontal bands that when overlapped make a contrasting lighter pattern, like the black and white intermixed dots that make grey shading on old newsprint.

Tabbies have another variation – the undercolor.  The base color of the hair, near the skin, can have a contrasting orange-yellow pigment placed on it – called rufousing.  Tabbies with strong rufousing have a brown to gold base color.  These are called brown tabbies.  Cats with low rufousing appear grayish.

Anna is a tabby with very very strong rufousing.  Almost everywhere she appears gold or brown.  Julius was less so….

You can see the brown on the nose, cheeks and behind the ears.  The front legs much less so, the back and sides even less, while the stomach was very gold brown.  Still a brown tabby, though.

There is another gene, called Wideband, that has the effect of “pushing” the tabby pattern out toward the tip of the hair, removing most or all of the pattern.  If the cat has a lot of rufousing, the overall color becomes the gold-brown.

(Not my picture or my cats – just too lazy to avoid the watermark.)

This is a picture of the famous cats Smoothie and Milkshake.  These are British Longhairs – British Shorthairs with long hair.  This came about because of the difficulties of England in World War II and the decade or so afterward with rationing.  The gene pool for British Shorthair cats was almost wiped out, so the breed needed to be saved by mixing in Persians.  This put some ‘undesired’ long haired genes in the breed.

Smoothie is shaded golden like Grant, but with long hair.  Compare her to Anna, if the tabby pattern was pushed out and off the hair almost entirely.  Yet there are still a few places where the black pattern remains – the tail tip, the bottom of the paws, perhaps the tips of other hairs.

Milkshake is a chinchilla or shaded silver.  This requires one more gene – one that blanks out all of the underpigment of rufousing leaving it pure white.  The remnants of the black pattern on the tips gives a silver look.

I expect that Grant is mostly done developing his coat toward a more pure golden.  He likely will have hazy black tipping across his sides and paws, and some actual stripes on the spine and tail.  The shaded gold also seems to give a distinct green eye color that he also has, although not as spectacular as Smoothie has.

The golds and silvers also seem to be smaller than average.  Grant seems to be topping off at 8 pounds like the Minuets/Napoleons, rather than the 10-12 pounds of a normal BSH.

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Weekend Update

The tooth gap is healing up fine, less a bit of tenderness if bitten on.  Still a bit tired on and off but I’ve been taking it easy.  Usually there’s one or more cats about with me.

Grant can have the strangest looks.

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Well, the tooth extraction went fine.  Aside from the drugs, it isn’t that much different than the old set of pliers, but it was fast.  And the socket isn’t as twingey as the broken tooth.

It does seem that the pain meds, supposedly the kind to make you sleepy and unable to operate machinery, instead kept me wide awake all night.  I went in to work without taking more and didn’t have a big pain issue and had a little nap just now but I’m still tired.

I’m reusing some queued up pictures today.  Not much new has been going on.  Rhea has been doing more playing with the Generals, daring them to chase her about.

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Outdoors Again

I was back home early today.  I had some dental work planned, but the plans changed as the whole tooth was broke and needs to be ripped out tomorrow.

After I got back there was daylight for a little visit out by the cats.

Rhea was the bold one going out front.  Sherman did explore the wall line in the pool area, even getting behind the vines climbing the wall at one point.

Davout was busy keeping an eye on everyone.

He thinks Rhea needs to get back here where it is safer.

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