Windows 10 Install

I tend not to get a whole lot done on Saturday anyway, but when you add in that my free Windows 10 light went off on my new portable at about noon…the day drags to a halt.  I also did a bit of laundry and opened up the door into the garage and Harrison repeated his vanishing for much of the day, probably out there.

There weren’t any notable issues with the install, although an app or so didn’t work right with it.  But at least that abortion of a front screen is gone and you actually have multiple apps visible on screen at once.  Windows 8 even for fun was just painful, at least 10 has a chance to be useful.

So after the install I plugged my camera into it to take a new step towards using it for this blog…and Picasa jammed downloading pictures. Apparently something on that particular memory card crashes the loading of pictures after 2271 images.  On another stick I got 5000+ images loaded without error, so it just seems to be that device.  I’ll just get some more tomorrow and retire this one.

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Knotty Problem

Davout is Mad

Yesterday I got hold of Davout and felt some dreaded mats on his side.  Quite a few.

I tried combing some of them out, but didn’t get them all.  He was really mad, for him at least and even meowed sharply and hissed at me a time or two.

Rhea is Concerned

Rhea, like a good sister, kept popping up nearby to see what was making him upset.

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A Dose of Therapy

Lurkertype asked in a comment to the last post what Harrison looks like eating.  He looks like a steam shovel since he comes right down over the top and chomps out a big bite with the jaws coming in from the sides.  It gets a bit messy.

But, regardless, I decided it would be a good time for a long Harrison/Anna meeting with the door closed to avoid kitten distractions.  I started with Harrison on the red sofa.

Wait, isn’t the patient supposed to be on the couch?

Anna was on the shelf by the window and gave him quite a look but no growls or hisses.  Harrison was snorting like a pig each breath which oddly seemed to help.

After a while she lost even that intent look.

Anna likes a little brushing on the sides.  When I do it she stands up and rubs her cheek on the window frame.

So she’s now ignoring Harrison like he’s ignoring her.

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Close Encounters

Harrison Swipes the Chair

After posting the post last night I there was a notable event.  Anna was in her little cubby and I let Harrison come in too for a little desensitization.  He went right to her wet-food plate which is about a foot and a half from the cubby.  No problem, he tucked right in.

Now Anna isn’t very possessive about food, but still he was way inside her comfort radius. But her little cubby has a narrow opening in the space between the sofa and a bookshelf, so she couldn’t easily go out to confront him or even see him.  You could see her trying to figure out a way to get out without passing him.  Finally she saw that she could jump straight up onto the sofa from the cubby and did so, then got onto the back and looked down on him and did some vigorous hissing, but only for a little bit.

Eventually she went to her shelf by the window, and Harrison came close again and drank from her fountain and sat with me while she glared, then calmed down mostly.

Rhea's Day Off

The next morning it was Rhea’s turn.  She came in while I was cleaning in there, and rather than let her do her creepy stalking I set Rhea on the sofa about a yard away.  Anna wasn’t more than grumpy over it, and as Rhea walked around acting cute Anna tolerated it fairly well.

I broke it off before Rhea pressed herself too close and generated a spat.

Handsome Davout

Aside from showing up outside the door Davout hasn’t had much of a role so far.  He’s as nice as Harrison, if not nicer, but Anna’s hissing upsets him so he’s not as good confronting her.  Also, he’s hard to catch.

So with all the potential drama last night and this morning, tonight has been slow.  Harrison has been tired, although his other symptoms are better.  He did throw up a little puddle of nothing much

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Upsides and Downsides

Today was a good day for some front yard exposure.  It might have been almost a year since I’ve let the kittens out front.  Or more.  They have had a little bit exposure but not much.

Oddly Davout was the first one out.

Rhea soon passed him, then he caught up here.  This is a standard stopping point as it is the first place a cat can get a look down the street around the corner of the house.

Rhea has already gone on the grass but Davout is not so sure.  This is another good place for a cat as there is a slight rise in front that they can see over but they are still mostly under cover.

Rhea is a little more fearless than her brother.

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Games Kitties Play

Since nobody was around besides Davout I tried to get him into playing with a toy.

We were having a good old time, although getting a shot in focus was tough.

Soon Rhea came by.  I had last seen her upstairs hunting something…a bug?

A little later the tow of them started a game of grab the paw under the door.

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Outside, Inside

Rhea had a very active morning alone and with Davout.  She was playing with balls, knocking them about, chasing imaginary things and teasing Davout into chasing her up and down the stairs.

I let everyone out but since I was doing some garden stuff Davout and even Rhea hung back by the patio.

I had run out of the wood mulch I had used around the yard and got a new bag from another store.  They had a sample of the bark inside, which looked similar, but when I got the bag the chunks were much larger.

Much of it worked to fill in the areas left bare when the A/C was installed and the bushes cut away.

This was in the warmer part of the day, although it wasn’t too hot, so Rhea tended to camp out in shady spots, chasing bugs or leaf rustles that she thought might be a bug.

Harrison made an appearance, if a bit late because he was tired.  He’s still feeling a bit off, but at least hungry all day.  He came out and stood on Rhea’s rock after she moved on, and then decided to go in.  He came right up behind Rhea while she was looking in another direction and stood there looking at her.  She turned and started a bit, then took some steps to the side to give him a path to go by.

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Heat of the Day

I did a bit more cleanup of the backyard in the brightest part of the afternoon.  The A/C was not running, but Davout was just as cautious as if it was.  Only Rhea came out, as Harrison had eaten a few good meals and thrown up again, so he was sleeping the day away.

This corner of the yard has shade at this time of day so Rhea stayed there.

The camera seems to do alright in this light, but the Picasa software tends to mess it up when it tries to balance things.  Well, you can undo that.

No, don’t put your white nose in the sun!  BAD KITTY!

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Having a Ball

The Egg Crate continues to be a big favorite with the kittens.  Harrison hasn’t tried it yet.

Harrison was a bit sick last night and wasn’t eating and was sleeping a lot.  He bounced back later on and managed to find (on his own) this feed ball and was really playing with it.  He also ate a double helping of dinner so that’s good.

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Quick Outside Visit

Davout really wanted to go out back today, so I finally relented and we all went outside.  A minute or so later the A/C unit kicked on and Davout darted like an arrow back inside.  He did not make an appearance until we were coming back in.

Rhea did her usual freeze and stare act until she got used to it.

Harrison hardly flinches over it.

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