Bad Habit?

Looked up the other day and saw Rhea balancing on the railing.  The generals were down watching her strut her stuff.  She’s a bad influence.

General Sherman is getting better at the smouldering look as he grows up.

While Grant specializes in the round-eye.

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Couch Mice

General Sherman may not be the most elegant kitty but he has his moments.

I was putting my fingers under the blanket to get him riled up.

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Down Time

Sherman has been sleeping in some new places, like my chair.

Grant came down and “bullied” Davout into grooming his head tonight.

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Funny Faces

When you have to scratch that itch.

This morning in bed after I was awake, Grant came and sat by my leg when Rhea perched on my arm. This is a first.  He’s usually around in the room, and even rolls around like a crazy boy if I’m on the point of getting up to feed him, but his wildish nature has kept him at a short distance since he was a tiny kitten.

He’s a funny cat.  If he’s up on a bookcase and feeling confident, he gets twitchy about being touched on his back, but will accept being touched all over his tummy much more readily, unlike most cats.

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Missing the Action

Did some wand toy playing, but the only shots that came out were when the cats were still like they were posing.

Rhea’s hair may still be a bit bobbed, but her whiskers and ear hair are in fine form.

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String Fight

Glamor Boy Davout is on the alert.

Pouncing on the shoestring.

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Magical Cat

Rhea was sitting on the portable I do these posts on most of the evening.  I could hear it chirping intermittently.

Davout took over a big box as the best thing ever.  I even saw him rough up Grant a few times for trying to take it away from him.

The results of Rhea sitting on the portable.  Plus it was in airplane mode, and a shortcut was being made for something despite the computer being asleep.  I need to log in with a password to do anything, but Rhea can do it regardless.

Sherman is so calm and wise, except when he is chasing Grant up and down the stairs.  I saw Rhea trying to get him to chase her, but he wouldn’t do it yet.

Rhea in a super close up.  I don’t do this enough because of her great ears.

They aren’t usually in this mode.  One picture too many today.

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Face Time

Davout is still acting the guardian of the pride downstairs.  There was a funny moment the other day when the door into the garage slammed due to wind (there is always some open grills in garages near the floor in California in case the gas lines get ripped open by an earthquake).

Luckily all the boys were inside, or close enough to scamper in ahead of it, but Davout was the one closest to the door despite his cautious nature.

Rhea was in the living room and was pretty curious, sitting up high trying to get a view of what was happening.  But not so curious as to get up off of the folded laundry and see.

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Calm Afterward

The boys have had the garage open most of the last 2 days and have tired themselves out. But even when resting, Sherman has a strange habit of moving around whenever I spot him sleeping.  High over the bathroom door, on top of my car, in the kitchen…whenever I spot him in a spot I find he’s moved a few minutes later.

I’m not sure if he moves as much if I don’t spot his spots.

Rhea on her little throne stool.

She had a bit of a surprise the other day.  She was on her leisurely climb around three sides of the dining room for food on the kitchen counter, when Sherman jumped up and took over.  I got them sharing the plate, but she was very shocked at the event!

You snooze you lose.

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Bath Night

Grant did his flopping in front of Davout a few times today.  The earlier ones led to Davout moving off, but this time was rewarded.  He started on the top of the noggin…

…and ended up on the bottom.  Davout is a good older brother.

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