Davout’s slightly off kilter teeth….

Close up!

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Sweeping On


Most of Thomas Fires’ movement is through the hills above Carpinteria now sweeping west. This still could be very dangerous to the beach towns if the Santa Anas blow strongly in the next few days.  Santa Barbara isn’t too far off – about 8 miles from Summerland.

Sherman on the prowl for fun with cat toys…

Pretty Rhea Eyes.   She decided to sleep at the foot of my chair today for some reason.  I had to check whenever I got up.

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Sleepy Girl

Thomas fire is still spreading slowly, the upper arm towards the coast and Carpinteria,   On the plus side Ojai seems safer, and the lower arm is being pushed back from Carpinteria.

Rhea was doing some careful “casual” posing while napping.

She even knows when photos are being taken.

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Thomas Fire Days

I thought I’d post an update on the fire news.  Thanks for the concern, but this time there is little to fear on my personal account.  The above map is the USGS satellite maps of heat signatures displayed on the GeoMAC viewer.  Updates are about every 12 hours.  Red circles are current hot spots, orange and yellow are from previous days if not still hot there, and black is 2 days old.  The Triangle is where the fire started Sunday or Monday.  The yellow is the official burn zone…the recent detections are outside the area.  It can move fast – those two “arms” of recent burning all formed in 2 days.  Ojai (between the arms) and Carpinteria (on the coast) are the real danger zones.  The winds weren’t as bad as feared these last days and were in a “good” direction, if there is such a thing.

The ridges also form good places to try and hold a fire, and the lay of the land gives several stop positions along the general N to S path of the Santa Ana winds.

I live about where the “Thousand Oaks” name is, and work where Camarillo name is.  The two are about 15 miles apart.  To get to me personally would have to go through about 150 thousand homes.  There was a tiny fire near the 101 in T.O. that was stamped out quickly.

In 2003, that entire area between Santa Paula and Moorpark and off map to the east burned, and it jumped the highway near the Moorpark label and burned some in that area. That had me watching the map updates carefully and thinking evacuation.  A few years later there were fires above the “Oaks” in T.O.  burning my way.  There was ash falling like snow but I wasn’t as worried.  And a few years back the hills south of Camarillo burned.  In these virtually no structures were lost, and few outbuildings.  The Thomas fire has been worse, with 150 to perhaps 400 buildings lost or damaged, mostly in Ventura on the first days.

Today at lunch there was a wind shift that blew smoke over us in Camarillo.  Since it gave the fighters on the front lines a break from having it blowing to them it was a good thing.

Tonight I was upstairs visiting with Anna and remembered I hadn’t posted.  So I decided to use my gaming PC and use some old pictures to give a fire update.  Anna and Sherman were in that room so I shut us up in here.

Anna is pretty good with Sherman, only giving him normal warning hisses if he gets too pushy about getting close.  She’s willing to lie down and relax and isn’t fretting over who might be at the door.  I may do this more often in the future.

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Wild Night

Kitties are a little antsy because there are high winds tonight.  There was a gust of 80 miles an hour in the hills to the south.  There are wildfires loose tonight as well.

This time the fires aren’t that close to the house, which is good because the firefighters might have to let some buildings go.  I’ve really been amazed how there have been fires covering tens of miles with no houses and something like three outbuildings lost.

The Thomas fire to the west is about 20 miles by 10 miles in extent.  The near edge is something like 40 miles off, quite a bit closer to work.

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Box Games

I picked up a new carrier, but the box it came in gets more interest.  They did play with the base of it much of the day yesterday.

Everyone is taking turns going into the box like a small cave.

Something interesting around the corner…

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Mean Rhea barged in to Anna’s room and had a little spat with her.  No smacks just a lot of hissing with Rhea standing up under Anna’s window seat.

Anna is a pretty girl.

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Gotcha for All

It came to me earlier in the month that all of my current cats have anniversaries in the two weeks from late November to Early December.  Rhea and Davout are a December pair, while the Generals and Anna are Thanksgiving kitties.

I spent my break playing with them rather than doing anything else.

I picked up a Cat Dancer toy and for most of the cats it is fun but much calmer.

I did take the time to get caught up on vet time.  I took Anna in one day and she bit me during the process when she got fed up.  The next day was a marathon chase of Davout and then Grant, who was very angry to be collected, even tearing a shirt trying to get away.

Luckily for the vet staff, he actually was well behaved in the vet office.

The vets did have a treat called Inaba Churu.  It is like a pudding pop for cats.  I could even get the skittery cats to come up and lick the stuff from the end.


Sherman and Anna didn’t have to go in this time.  But they are the easy ones.

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Bad Habit?

Looked up the other day and saw Rhea balancing on the railing.  The generals were down watching her strut her stuff.  She’s a bad influence.

General Sherman is getting better at the smouldering look as he grows up.

While Grant specializes in the round-eye.

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Couch Mice

General Sherman may not be the most elegant kitty but he has his moments.

I was putting my fingers under the blanket to get him riled up.

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