Harrison’s Back

Harrison’s back from his ultrasound.  The results are in, and the results are pretty good.  There are some benign growths on the liver, which are only a problem if they get to big.  There’s some sign of kidney enlargement, which is typical for cats his age and is not a surprise either.  No sign of any tumors in the gut, so the initial guess of Inflammatory Bowel seems to be right.  The treatment is steroids, which can hit the immune system and make him more prone to colds than he is.  To help avoid that, the steroid given is one that stays in the gut rather than getting moved all over.  The weighing at the vet’s confirmed my scale’s number – he was up above 5 pounds today, a smidge higher than Tuesday’s reading and both a half pound up from last week.  The doctor was happy about that.

I’ve heard reports that diet can also help with IBD, although he’s already getting pretty high quality food.  I will try some limited ingredient food that seemed to help Davout, but my primary focus is shoveling in food that he eats to get his weight up towards normal.

They had to shave his whole belly for the ultrasound, so he’s even more dilapidated in appearance.

Anna and Rhea had a staredown…

Rhea’s gotten in a time or two to bug Anna.

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Slow Night

Not much doing here today.  Harrison has his ultrasound tomorrow and will be at the vet all day.  Anna is getting a break from the other cats.  The kittens get some feather toy time.

Rhea reaching down to pin it…

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Anna Remembers

Tonight there was a nice little party with Anna and Davout.  Anna was a little miffed because I have been trying to get back to regular dosing of her and Rhea and she’s still not happy with the process.

And she doesn’t mind Davout being in her room.  When trying to get away from me after getting her medicine, she tried to circle the sofa but Davout was in the way, so she just stopped short and left him alone with no hissing.  When she went to her shelf he sits down here to watch her.

Anna started hissing once Rhea came back for treat time.

“she’s TROUBLE”

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Weighty Matters

I don’t recall if I mentioned over the weekend that I ordered a scale for the cats over the weekend.  With Harrison and Anna having weight issues – Anna needs to lose some, Harrison is losing what he doesn’t have – I figured I needed to keep more touch with actual weights.

It came in today and after a little playing around it seems to work well. I managed to get all four cats weighed.  It has the ability to zero out the base weight of a box or towel, but the cats seemed not to mind standing or sitting on the platform itself.  Even Anna, who I dragged out of her room past the other cats stood long enough for a weighing.

Anna weighed 11.36 pounds.  I had had a feeling she was eating less overall, and more of the wet food.  Her last weighing in November was 12.94 pounds, so that’s a good drop.  I was hoping that better food and more activity and less anxiety might help out there.

Davout weighed 8.22 pounds.  His last weighing was 8.38 pounds.  This might just be a random fluctuation, or that I have been leaving less dry food out.  He shares wet food with Rhea but supplements it with the dry food out.

Rhea was 7.88 pounds.  I don’t have her last weight in front of me, but it was in that range before.

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Three’s a Crowd

just a little too close there….

Tonight, another try at a session for two in Anna’s room.

But someone came uninvited.

Nyah there!

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Party for Two

Both Davout and Rhea have decided to start sleeping in the carrier some of the time. I had to bother him because there was something odd on his lip that turned out to be a bit of fluff.

I went from there to visit Anna and he followed me in.  When I started playing with the red cord with Anna, he snuck closer to me and I gave him some chances.

With a little encouragement he got to playing on one end of the cord with Anna on the other.  Their noses are a bit more than a foot apart here.

Davout is funny – he’s nervous about getting close to me, and to Anna, but if I get hold of him and start scratching his back he isn’t afraid of either of us at all.

Anna wasn’t scared of him either.  She’s giving him a yawn of friendliness.

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Active Day

Rhea had an active day today.  She spent a good time in the afternoon playing on this tree with a feather/string toy by herself.  She had dragged the feather tip inside the upper hole so that the wand was caught out front.  She then would jump around inside and play with the feather end, sometimes leaping out of the opening on either level.

Poor Davout was trying to figure out what she was up to by peering inside but she would jump out at him if he got too close.

Anna was bold at picture taking time, not only sitting on the back of the sofa but coming close to the door as well.  Earlier in the day she took some short strolls out down the hall on her own.

Davout soon took up his station.

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What is Going On Here??!

Poor Anna isn’t sure what went on here.  Neither am I.

It was very strange.  I opened up her room’s door earlier this evening with the gate shut while I dealt with Harrison and other things.  As it got later I figured it had worked out all right since I had heard nothing.

But going inside I saw Anna sleeping in her accustomed cubby and Rhea sitting out of her sight watching in her direction.  I decided to go get a picture but as I was getting the camera there was some shrieking from Anna’s room and Rhea had rushed her.

It is unlikely that I just came in after Rhea broke in, so I figure she had been there in the room waiting for quite some time without anything happening.  Did my coming in lead Rhea to rush Anna?  Did Anna walk out and see Rhea right there and hiss at her, sparking a confrontation?

Poor Davout also seems confused about matters in here, while Rhea left the scene.

No pictures of Harrison today.  On the medical front the test results came back and many results are fine – no elevated thyroid, which I had wondered about.  He’s going to get an ultrasound soon, but meanwhile I went and got more drops that seemed to work well yesterday.

They go in the nose.  I tried a dose today, but he was a bit sneezy at the time and might have blown a lot of it out.  Later on he had a huge sneezing jag that seemed to go on and on.  But he still seems to be breathing a little better overall, and his appetite is up.  Last night he had three cans of food, then one this morning, and he’s on his third tonight.  In recent times he’s been unwilling to eat much of anything in the mornings.

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Losing Ground

Somebody had to go to the vet for a day, but it wasn’t Rhea.  She just took it over this evening for a sleeping place.

It was checkup time for Harrison and it wasn’t good news at all.  He’s lost a lot of weight since the last time.  While his interest in food is erratic, when he is hungry he eats as much as a much larger cat would eat in a day.  He’s not digesting it well.

His constant cold isn’t helping matters.  He got some special drops in his nose to see if that helps.  This is of additional interest because a possible treatment in the future is steroids, which knock down his immune system.  More tests are in his future.

On the plus side, he was very hungry tonight, eating three full (small) cans of food over the evening.  He’s pretty sleepy, but his snuffles and sneezes are a lot better.  It remains to be seen how well he digested this.

Perhaps a bit jealous of Rhea’s carrier, Davout was hanging out in this laundry basket on its side.

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Round Eye

Today Rhea was bored and rumpled and I caught her just at the end of a big yawn.

She wasn’t too thrilled about that.

It was visiting and treat time in Anna’s room. This time she decided to hole up in her little cave, but she came out for treats.

Rhea was watching….

Looka those big eyes!!

She did get some treats too, along with Davout.

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