Harrison Steals the Show

I had a checkup on the AC compressor today, which finally wore out.  It was about 25 years old and on its last legs.  There were a couple of fellows in and Harrison would sit right next to them looking up and getting some pets.  The salesman for the replacement unit even took a few pictures of him.

Rhea would hang around and make an appearance in the area, and follow them around.  Davout made himself scarce the whole time.

Davout recovered enough to have a little playtime with a worm toy.

Harrison, when in the mood gets really active playing with a toy on the floor – he will dance and spin and swat at it.  He’s a bit awkward at times and sometimes loses balance, but he is getting less stiff as he gets better.

He also does a great paw swipe capture move.

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Now We Are Two

Davout at Two

One of the advantages of getting a cat from a breeder is that you know their exact birthdays.  Today is Davout’s birthday…he’s two years old.  He’s quite the gentleman now.

Marshal Davout

He came here in December 2013 with his half-sister Rhea from San Diego via a transfer in LA and then another long drive to his new home.  At that point, he’d never met Rhea before the trip and he was a bit lost from all the activity.

He’s a very amiable cat and not the bold explorer type and it takes him time to get used to things.

Davout Has a Strategy

He soon came out of his shell and explored the room – Anna’s room now – mostly following little Rhea around.  Rhea was several months younger than he and a lot smaller, but he never bullied her.

I always liked this because great big Julie used to drink from the back side of the water bowls too.

Tasty Treat

It is hard to think of a present for Davout because he is so gentle and retiring that he lets everyone eat first and play with toys first.  The only thing I’ve found that he won’t let Rhea take away is these little pouches of broths with meat from Fancy Feast.

He did let her finish his third one for him, so she got a bit of a treat too.

Window Watching

Davout soon became very close to Rhea, and his size let him win any battles he cared to, while his nature let Rhea win nearly all of the games she wanted to.  This gives some hint of the size difference, although he’s really about twice her weight here.

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Happy Fourth

The cats had some outside time today but I was cutting away some of the excess plants and this made them be very hesitant about going out there.  Rhea did watch from across the yard some, but Davout stayed away.  Harrison was feeling poorly and slept most of the day without eating much.

Davout did stick his head into something that put a huge amount of spider webs and sticks on his head, and of course he wouldn’t let me brush it off.  Eventually he got it off himself.

There were some more fireworks today, a bit closer but nobody was particularly scared.

She gave me a yawn, though.

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Out without a Bang

Off work for the 4th of July today but didn’t let the cats out until after dinner.  The birds outside were both an object of interest and concern since they where chirping loudly at the cats.  Rhea kept pivoting the ear back when chirping was loudest.

Davout came out farther today and sat next to Rhea…when someone came out too!

The kittens made way for the old boy.

Harrison moved on to his favorite area in the side yard, but then came back to where I was sitting.

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Backyard Stroll for Two

This evening I opened up the back yard for adventurous cats.  For some reason, Davout was not interested in going out, even though he’s usually the first one out.  He and Rhea had been scampering all over earlier, so he’s feeling ok.  Rhea went to the turn of the path and was getting a close look at the little birds up in the tree chirping at her.

The only thing that distracted her was when Harrison strolled by.

He came out soon after Rhea but went right around into the side yard almost to the gate.

Along with the birds, there was some strange noises over the wall in the pool area.

Birds?  Kids in the Pool?

Suddenly being off on your own doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

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Oops I Forgot a Title

Despite the two days of spats, the open door policy while I’m home is back.  It helps get some breeze through the upstairs area as the day cools off, and hopefully the sounds coming in will get her interested in what’s happening.

She comes out to feel the air and look out the window, and gives me some nice looks and sounds when I visit.  A bit later she often tenses up when a cat shows up…or she thinks one has.

She decided to jump up to the higher shelftop…

And there she hissed and growled at Davout just outside the gate.  Poor boy.

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Don’t Mention It

I have gotten a few comments asking for more information about Harrison and his health. He’s really doing well and it seems that some of the things I worried about were just phases in the recovery that come and go and don’t mean much.

The other thing that keeps me from talking about it is that it seems like every time I mention that he hasn’t done X in a while he has an episode where he regresses a little and does it.

Now it seems more like a pattern.  He will eat really well for a few days in a row – about double or so a full sized large cat’s allowance – then after some days of this he takes a little time off and skips a meal and sometimes gets a little sick.  Overall, he’s gaining ground fairly fast.

Help Winnie's WIsh

Andrea over at Celestial Kitties is having another fundraiser for the charity shelter Winnie’s Wish.  In exchange for a donation she will send you some handmade toys for your own cats.  They are of good quality, I’ve gotten many of them myself.

Harrison does have more energy as time goes on, but even energetic cats sleep a lot and he’s still got some recovering to do.  When he first came he was zonked out much more than sleeping, now most of the time his resting is normal cat sleep.

Speaking of not talking about things, I had just been saying yesterday that Rhea had been leaving Anna’s room alone and I removed my temporary blockages a few days before.  Then came the spat.   Today I opened up Anna’s room and Rhea left it alone until seconds after I thought how good Rhea was doing.  Then came another spat.

I did put my temporary blocks back up, and will have to make a more permanent job later in the week.

Harrison almost looks tubby from some angles.  His legs and arms are still pipestem thin, but at least his ribs and spine don’t poke you much when you pet him like before.  He’s getting some flesh on the body.

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Last night near bedtime Anna made some moves to want to walk out of her room, so I let her go.  She explored down the hall and into the bathtub and around for a few minutes. Eventually, though Rhea came along to investigate.  Anna hissed and retreated to her sanctum and I closed the gate behind her, and I moved Rhea off but soon afterwards when I was busy she went and slid through the bars and drove Anna back into her closet high spot.

Anna wasn’t too upset, but her usual combination of hissing and retreating continues to not work well with Rhea.

In this picture she is looking at Harrison asleep.

Harrison was pretty tired today and slept on my lap for a while, then down here.  When Rhea got real close he looked up in her face and yawned at her.

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Toy Time

I brought out Da Bird to play with….Rhea was game…

Davout was too cautious as usual, but watched from the back.

Harrison made a few tries for it, but was a little slow.  Balls on the floor are a little easier for him right now.

He was following me about this morning, which included going into Anna’s room.  The first time she was in her cubby and he poked his head in.  She raised a paw and hissed and he backed up a smidge, but otherwise didn’t react.  Then he went and ate her leftover wet food from the night before.

Later, after  I had put in some new food that she didn’t touch he went in after me and made a bee-line for this plate and ate it all.  Anna was a little growly but too bad.

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Good Fences…

Anna and the Door

The cat gate is working well so far.  I open up the door when I am home and awake and Anna gets better air movement and more exposure to the noise of the house.  Unlike before when the door was open, she doesn’t always retreat to a safe cubby but can sometimes be seen on the window sill shelf or here on the sofa.  She does like to sleep in those cubbys in the afternoons, open door or closed door.

She’s still a bit twitchy, hissing down the hall at nothing.  On the other hand, the cats outside have been leaving the gated door alone when I am not there, and there hasn’t been any tries to break through or jump over since the first day.

There was some odd noises coming in from the window which didn’t help Anna.

Davout at the Door

Davout has always treated the door with a bit of reverence.  It is a little stronger now, but he has come through the gate a time or two.


Rhea keeps her dignity at all times.

Davout and Harrison

Some other shots from yesterday.  Each kitten went up towards Harrison to check him out. Davout was a bit more distant than Rhea, who went nose to nose until Harrison sneezed.

Harrison Squinty Eyes

Harrison likes the outside.


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