Cutie Pie Grant Catchup

I keep falling behind in posting pictures since the guys are photogenic.  Grant is an especially nice contrast for poor Davout who is very difficult to get a nice shot of.

Grant has taken to counter surfing and cleaning off kitchen pans.  It has been a long time since any of my cats have done that…Cassie used to do it when she was little in the 1980s.

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Callaversary and View-alanches

Miss Calla

Seven years ago I adopted Calpurnia, thus taking me into three cat territory for the first time.  She was rescued from the city pound after some neglect but with a little TLC became the lovely queen of the yard.

Fluff Monster Calla

Despite her long hair and hot days she always loved being outside in the yard more than anything.

Handsome Davout

Davout is the same way about being in the back yard, although he is more skittish about outside noises than Calla was.

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Tech Support

Kitty Caboodle

In the last few days I noticed the battery backup on the internet-TV-telephone system I have was running low so I got a new battery and installed it…and the internet didn’t work.

So with only my cell phone working I got on a service chat with the provider…after 40 minutes of waiting.

Wild Thang

On the more pleasant side, I managed to get a look at both Sherman and Davout pooing and both looked nice and solid.  Sherman’s ear looks better, although I did do a few more drops.

I’ve been limiting the meat in the wet cat food to turkey rather than chicken in the last several days which might also be helping.

Sherman has been especially perky today.

Knocking over the Bed

He knocked over Rhea’s bed while playing with the toys, turning  it upside down.

The dude on the cell phone chat first told me to unplug the battery, unplug the unit, then replug them both in to “reset” the system.  Now, my unit is in the garage and the plug is by the garage door opener on the ceiling.  Over the car.

I figured this was ninety percent chance bullshit, but I did go and do that while keeping the dude on the chat line.  Opening the garage door, pulling out the car, getting out the ladder, climbing up and down twice. Of course, it had absolutely no effect.

Forlorn Rhea

Rhea’s world is in ruins with her bed flipped over.

So his next idea is to “check if the outlet works”.  The outlet that was streaming internet while I was changing the battery.  The outlet whose other side runs the garage door opener I just used.

Screw that shit.  I’m not climbing that ladder a third time for no reason.

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Chill Down Sunday

Things calmed down some today, with me cleaning stuff up and the cats going a bit wild around.  Here’s Rhea in the lamp box…

Grant continued his charm offensive and even managed to get some licks on the head from both Rhea and Davout at evening bath time.

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It was a bit of a disturbing day for the cats since a lamp broke during the storms of the last few days.  There’s an uprooted tree in the front yard area, although it didn’t come from that spot.  Someone dragged it from somewhere, possibly to get it out of the way.

Sherman has had a bit of a relapse in the last few days.  He isn’t shaking the soft stools and when I stopped the ear drops the ear drainage started up again.  Just after this he had to have another bath, which makes him a bit upset and the other cats orbit us looking worried.

He even growled at me some, which for Mr Amiable is something of a shock.

Grant is acting as usual – watching me closely from nearby and looking fierce.  He still does this thing where he rubs his side against her face when waiting for mealtime, which she sometimes gets tired of and knocks him over.

Aside from that Rhea is nice to him and even plays with them and keeps an eye on them.

Anna was taken out for a few hours in her living room enclosure yesterday.  Rhea was good about leaving her alone, Anna was ready to spit at any of the Generals who checked her out.  She also spat when no cat was in view a few times, but mostly calmed down and waited out the time before I took her back into her room.
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Boys will be Boys

Little Generals 1

Tonight Grant and Sherman took over the top shelf on the Cat Tree.  Davout was just a step below them so all the guys were in the tree.

Little Generals 2

The two boys get along well but usually it involves following each other about or chasing or wrestling rather than being quiet in the same spot.

Sleepy Rhea

Rhea appreciates being left alone in her favorite bed by my chair.

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Bad Picture Day

Sometimes good playtime means bad pictures.  Grant tries to drag the toy back to his lair whenever he gets a good hold, just like Davout.

I had Davout all framed for a nice picture…until he jumped.

Sherman demonstrates how to turn on a computer while playing…

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Bean Question Answered

Andrea of Celestial Kitties asked about the color of Sherman’s toes and toe beans.  He has many cinnamon blots on his feet, especially on the bottom and back, like muddy boots.

To my eye, all the pads are the same color, a dull pinkish color that I would say is the cinnamon pad color rather than the light pink of white spotting.

This morning just before I was going to shower Sherman came in and showed me another messy bottom.  Then when I was taking some of the mess out to the trash Grant decided it would be cool to dart out into the garage and play under the car.

Kids today.

Anyway, this is one reason Sherman isn’t up for playing with his paws taking pictures.

Rhea seems to be growing bushy eyebrows to go with her in-ear spikes

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Out Back Sunday

The cats were getting a bit bored late this afternoon so I let them outside in the back yard.

Davout normal enjoyment was reduced a bit by his instinct to herd around the little Generals.

Rhea did her own thing, thankfully not the thing where she leaps the back wall and invades the neighbor’s houses.

I found out that herding cats is like….herding cats.  At first some would not come out into the yard, then later one or two would dart back out into the yard when it was time to come in.

In the end both of the little fellows explored the yard, although my walking about and the noise of birds overhead was a distraction.  They tended to attach to one of the older cats at first, and later to each other.

It was a bit close to sundown by this time so the colors got a bit flat, sort of a natural sepia tone.

Rhea knows all the ways to get around and keep your paws clean.

The kittens are a little less clear on the concept, although they did tend to stay on the rocks like they should.

Plants are good to nibble on.


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Little Box

Grant’s eyes are more and more clearly becoming the particular shade of green Golden cats are known to usually have.

Both Sherman and Davout seem to be recovering nicely from their digestive issues.

Davout takes a bit more space in the window than Grant does.

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