Try, Try Again

I had a little trouble getting photos today, as a surprising percentage were duds.  Otherwise not much notable went on.   I  noticed the Feliway had run out in Anna’s room, and I don’t think it was a month long, or even close.

Anna has become used to sitting next to me on the sofa, and she will even jump up by herself if she jumps down to get a bite to eat, or take a worried look at the door for intruding kittens.

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A Mini Crisis

Tonight I forgot to completely close Anna’s door as I left it.  A while later I heard quite a loud noise from inside.  Davout was at the door, which was almost closed again, wanting to see in.  So did I!

Rhea was right below Anna’s shelf, standing on something so her head was up about 8 inches from where Anna was…mostly just staring at her.   I’m sure her expression was a bt grimmer but the above picture gives the idea.

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Change of Pace

I tried something new today…and Anna is interested.

It is the old Undercover Mouse Toy!

Anna was pretty wild at first, then she seemed to get nervous about the closed door behind her (Davout was on the other side).  After a few minutes more she got tired of it, or too nervous about the door and stopped playing.

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Taking Advantage

Most times Davout avoids being held or caught.  If he’s on the floor and you approach, he will scamper away 99 times out of 100.  This isn’t that uncommon in cats, who often want to approach you on their own terms.

What has been strange is that he hasn’t found a way to get close when he wants.  When he was little he started to follow Julie up with me when I went to the bedroom and climb on the bed with him.  This stopped happening for the most part when Julie was lost.

It doesn’t help that the rare times he does get nabbed he’s treated to me cleaning around his eyes, or cutting out an incipient mat, or even combing out his hair.  But he has started to follow me up and downstairs in the later evenings, and increasingly pop up onto the bed for some attention.  Today it was after I had my camera with me to take pictures of Anna.

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Anna was very active at playtime.  Rather than sit or lie down and bat at the cord, she would run at it, dance in a circle, and go for it full bore.

If the carpet got in the way that was too bad for the carpet.

Rhea did her own pounce from the door to about that spot.  Anna was too busy playing to even notice her doing it.  It took Anna quite some time to spot Rhea, which resulted in a little spitting.

Anna retreated from the staredown, but only to the sofa. She wasn’t too upset even though Rhea was still just a few feet away.

In other news, Rhea discovered the joys of being under the covers today.  She crawled up from the side of the bed and was poking at my legs on top as a large lump under the comforter.

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Just Deserts

Part of the evening Rhea was sprawled out on the floor of the bedroom watching the TV, or me.

But then it was Anna’s turn for some attention.  We played for a time with the red cord, or the camera strap, whichever was her preference.

She did sometimes stare at the door of her room, which was open again.

She was willing to be distracted with more playtime, though.

Today she jumped down and took a drink from her fountain in front of me, which is a first or nearly so.

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High Altitude

Today I plunked Anna on this topmost shelf as a compensation for the door being open. She has climbed up here on her own so the height isn’t a big issue.

She did look down the hall a bit nervously even though it was only Davout way down the hall.

She relaxed some before I took her down.

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Stalker and Stalkee

The last few days any chance encounters have been mostly incident free, with Anna either ignoring a cat she saw down the hall or not noticing anything, I left the door open again during playtime.

This time Rhea came poking in early…

She checked out some likely hiding spots…

Despite a cat’s so-called sharp senses, Anna only had a slight misgiving about matters…

Try the Left Side

Rhea circled towards the front of the sofa…

the doubts grew stronger…

…and Rhea had some of her own…

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Some Time for Anna

Anna continues to enjoy her room and perks up and says hello when I visit.  Today I took a set of photos.  We did some playing mostly we just hung out.

Such a pretty girl.


Keeping an eye on the red thread during playtime..

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More stuff from Sunday’s outside time.  It seems like Rhea’s stripes really stand out when outside, as if she has put on some warpaint for the day.

Davout discovering a wayward blade of grass…

….and taking a taste.  Yum!

Puffball Cat.

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