Anna and Sherman

Anna when Sherman and I came in.  This time she was so relaxed with him she didn’t even get up but just watched him while flopped over.

She thought about joining him on the sofa top, but finally thought better.  I dragged her to the bottom and she sat down without incident.  When the other cats got near the door, Anna started to get agitated and swished her tail.  She was turned and about to jump down when her waving tail got too close to Sherman and he lunged out and swatted at it.

Anna didn’t take any special notice of this as she retired back to her spot.

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Little Toy

I dug up the tattered feather toy from whereever Rhea had dragged it last and it still cast its magic spell.

Grant also was enraptured by it.
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Couch Surfer

Anna retired to her shelf right away but Sherman was right there on the sofa keeping her company.

Shes’ still way more troubled by the cats in the doorway.

They are nice fellows too, but she isn’t ready for it.  Even Rhea is on decent behavior recently.

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Miracle Moment

Anna on Sofa

I have a towel over the back of this sofa in Anna’s room because she likes to sleep there sometimes and she sheds a lot.  Last night when Sherman and I came in, Anna was on the floor near the door and saw him.  She jumped up onto the sofa about where she is resting here, while Sherman jumped up the other side a second or so later.

Anna and Sherman peered at each other for a moment, about half a foot apart, then both moved gently forward and sniffed each other nose touching.  No growls or hisses from Anna, and then they settled down on each end and settled down peacefully.

Soon Grant and Davout came closer and Anna lost some of her calmness and first retired to the seat of the couch, and then back to her safe spot.  But for a little while Anna was able to put her issues aside and treat another cat as they deserved according to their actions.

I was really proud of her.

Door way Cats

This evening there it wasn’t quite as intimate…Sherman didn’t jump up, and Anna started to get a bit agitated after a few minutes with other cats in sight, especially Rhea, and again moved back onto the sofa seat.  Then I put her onto her shelf in case Rhea was coming around to avoid any scuffle.

To Rhea’s credit she hasn’t been anything more than curious these last few times she’s come around.  She’s also been pretty easy to chivvy out of the room when Anna has had enough.

Anna on the Shelf

When Anna faded back, Sherman went to the back of the sofa himself and settled into the sleeping spot himself.  Anna looks a little grim, but she’s really trying not to scare off Sherman while being a bit worried about the others behind him.

Sherman on the Sofa

Luckily these kinds of drama don’t seem to bother him at all.

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Encounters Continue

Last night neither Rhea nor Sherman were the big stars in Anna’s room.  Instead it was Grant who, after Sherman was camped on the sofa back got up the courage to explore the whole room while Anna watched from her safe shelf.   He was doing that low to the ground walk a cat does when they are ultra cautious,

He only got hissed at when he was just below her and sat up tall to get his face right close to hers.  He was a bit afraid to move then so I got Anna to sit back so he could move out.

This morning Sherman went straight back to the sofa back and Anna actually jumped up onto the sofa seat on her own.  She again was not upset until she got right next to his head and he put his nose an inch or so away and got hissed at.  When she moved a bit back, he rolled over upside down and poked at her nose with a paw and she hissed again.

She then retreated to her safe zone and I got to play with him lying belly-up in the space between the pillow and the sofa back for a while.

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Nose to Nose

This is a pic from this morning when I swapped out Anna’s sofa covering towel for a fresh one.  This is what Sherman burrows in when he jumps up on the top.  I tossed it out into the hall and in an instant Rhea was right in it too.

The night before Anna was a bit slow in retreating from the door as I came in, so she ended up nose to nose with Sherman about a foot away.  She retreated but didn’t hiss at him, and he didn’t follow up, but jumped up onto the sofa top like nothing had happened.

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Rhea on the Charge

Rhea takes over a new platform for dominating the kitchen area.

There was a fun little get together in Anna’s room last night.  I put Anna on the couch back facing the door, and he boys all came forward.   This time they hung in the doorway and Anna watched them and got into being petted and scratched by me.  She was doing that little chirping thing cats do.

At once point I looked up and saw Rhea doing a low to the ground rush forward through the boys toward the door to get closer.  Uh-oh.  This time though, when I pointed at her she stopped and instead ate from the food by the door.  Anna did hiss at her at the end of her charge, and was getting agitated, so I took her back to her safe window seat.

Anna calmed down once she was in her safe spot.  Rhea went into the closet, and for the first time I recall jumped onto a rolling suitcase to turn and watch Anna.  But at least Rhea didn’t have her hunting stare on and Anna didn’t feel the need to stare her down back.  If it wasn’t so late I’d have let things go on a lot longer.

When I got up and stood between them, Rhea got down and went out the door without any trouble.

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Car Cat

I prefer him on top of the car rather than hiding under it.

Davout flopped on a toy.

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Sherman on the March

The nearly twice daily visits of the other cats, mostly the boys, are getting interesting. Last night the boys were up, the Generals poking about while Davout sat casually in the doorway. Anna was relaxed so I brought her closer onto the back of the sofa to watch everyone.  I even kept her purring and making little soft noises.

She handled that well enough, sweeping her tail like a boa. Then Sherman’s head came poking up the back of the sofa right next to her peeking over the top.  Anna didn’t run off, but she did an interesting thing – she turned around and faced the other direction.

But that made her twitching tail too tempting and Sherman jumped up and caught the tip, making her spin around with a big hiss and swat.  She then went to her safe area, and calmed down quickly enough.

Not Yet Ready

Davout isn’t threatening to use the robot, but he was sitting closer to it watching it run.  I turned it on a time or two with him there and he did some close watching and ear wiggling but wasn’t really afraid.  The box is just off the screen to the right, about 3 feet away.
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RIght Foot?

Rhea in a strange position.  That’s a back foot.

Some strides on the Litter Robot.  Someone went into it and used it just now. I heard it cycling and peeked in and saw some evidence of real use.  I think it was one of these two, probably Grant.  When the machinery turned on Grant came in a little, but Sherman came up and sat right up on the doorstep and watched.

It is possible to delay or turn it on manual, but there isn’t much sign of any of the cats being scared of the unit.  They don’t want to go in very much yet.  But if any of them start using it i should be able to reduce the box count by quite a bit.

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