Another Anna Visit

Caged Princess

I brought Anna down for another visit.  It seemed to go a little easier all round.  Anna eventually sat down and kinda relaxed.

Back Turn Rhea

Rhea found a stairstep that put her on the same height level as Anna.  At first she stared through the bannister at Anna.  Eventually she tired of the sport and sat down facing the other way.

Grant Distracted

The two cautious boys hung about at the margin.  Grant had to get a look from a distance and got some hisses in return.  He soon decided to go for the distraction of an open window with screen over any inside drama.

Grant Ignoring Too

It is odd he likes to watch outside, since he’s invariably too scared of an open door to go out, even to the patio.

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Cranky Camera

PrettyGirl Rhea

In recently been having some issues with the camera not properly resolving a picture, leading to lost chances.  It seemed to be related to the autofocus catching the wrong stuff- the background over foreground.

Some menu fiddling seemed to work it out for now.

AutoFocus woes

I got a comment about Sherman’s white looking like Maple seeds.  I can make it out, but I tend to see the white as background rather than mark, so I tend to see his face as white like Rheas but with a smudge of color on the lip on one side.

Same thing with his toes and paws, they are like little stains on fancy boots.

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New Stuff and Old Faves

Tucked In

I was mucking about in the garage and found an old carrier that a co-worker gave me when his cat died a while ago.  It lost its spot and I brought it in and opened it up.  It was an instant attraction.

When I brought out a feather toy the first thing Grant did was drag it into the den and guard it.

Looking for Feathers

Davout loves the feather.

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Anna Exposed

Anna in Jail

I thought I’d try to repeat bringing Anna out for some time downstairs, but use the fixed cage I got a while back rather than the floppy one Rhea liked to jump on.

It was fairly good for a while, as Rhea poked around in Anna’s room upstairs rather than stalk her.


Anna did do a bit of hissing when one of the cats got too close, just for form’s sake.  Sherman got the most since he hung about near her much of the time.

Rhea did put in an appearance and charged the cage, but it was only a little noisy.  She was a bit riled up but worked off the tension by a friendly game of chase with Grant.

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Not Totally Gone

Round Eye Grant

Everything’s fine here, first of all.  The changeover to a new computer had issues that I couldn’t figure out until I saw a Windows log that the hard drive would sometimes take 20 seconds to read a small bit of data from the drive.  It didn’t fail and give a message, just went off.  Since I was trying to put thousands of pictures on the device and work up a new set of habits too, it became a chore.

Then I got laid off after 2o+ years and had to add interesting chores like getting insurance, hunting for work, and possibly prepping for a cross country move.  I have a new job now, but I’m using the now-repaired portable for that job and not spending time re-establishing photo software on it.

Also I just spent the off-time being with the cats more than posing them up.

Overlook Rhea

The cats liked having me around, but the weather the last month was terrible and only a little bit of time was worth going outside.

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Boring Kitties

These days we all are stuck in a bit of a rut.  After dinner the cats all go to their spots and hang out, cleaning up and napping.

Sherman usually picks a corner, or out in the garage to sit in.  Then if I get up he takes my chair away.

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Naps and Non-Naps

Another dental thing this week so less messing around with the cats aside from the most general things.  I tried buying a Thundershirt for Anna, which didn’t fit her, so that experiment went for nothing.

I was going to let the cats out back for a bit Saturday but when I opened the door someone had left a big dead rat outside the door.  Not one of my cats, so I wonder what neighborhood cat was hanging out there.

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Good Looks

Sherman puts out his movie-star looks for you all.

Blue eyed cloud cat Davout

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Dress Rehersal

Today I was sitting around and decided to do a full blog session using the new portable.  I had gotten all the photos off the old system in the last few days and imported into the program.  Not all the pictures, which are on other drives, but it did go back to 2013.

Since it was more spur-of-the-moment, the only cat around was Rhea, who had been sitting on my lap a little and hanging out nearby.   Davout was watching the cat door to the garage, which he does if someone is out there a lot of the time.

Rhea is very amusing with the backscratcher claw.  She will go for it, but very slowly and deliberately.  Almost in slow motion.

It went all right.  With time I can probably use presets to apply the standard color changes to the photos when I import them.  They did have some special settings for the lens on my camera, although I didn’t see a lot of visual impact from them.

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Years back I picked up this cat bed from Etsy.  It got some use by Calla and the others and then fell out of use.  Recently she started using it, as well as using the middle section of a cat tower that no cat has ever used very often.

Dug out a backup drive and am transferring photos to the new computer.  Quite a few of them on this drive, and more elsewhere to hunt down.

Sherman doesn’t always look frumpy.

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